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Numerology: February 2023 – the month dominated by the universal number 9 – the closing of a cycle

If the first month of 2023 carried the vibration of the number 8, a dynamic figure that invites action and dynamism, the second month of 2023 bears, from a numerological perspective, the energetic imprint of 9, which speaks of transformations, liberations, fulfilments, the end of a cycle (or of one thing, of a situation) and the opening of another.

If we do a simple numerological calculation, placing the month of February (the 2nd month of the year) in the general context of the current year (2023) and using the numerological addition and reduction process, we obtain the number 9. Thus, 2 (February) + 2+0+2+3 (2023) = 2+7 = 9.

It is good to know that 9 is a special number in numerology, as it is the last of the cardinal numbers consisting of a single digit and the one with the highest value among these. Therefore, 9 is a summation of the potential of all the digits before it, a number of great spiritual power that sheds its light on the other numbers and on the world. 9 represents a culmination of the accumulation of experience, lessons, wisdom, the highest stage of evolution and of a path, a number truly influential in its maturity.

9 is the number of completion, of the final stage, of achievement. 9 can also be the sum of all the elements that we accumulate throughout our lives, but it is also considered the number of universal love, of fulfillment and completeness, of completion, of great mental and spiritual achievements.

9 also represents the finality, the end, designating the end of a cycle, but also the beginning, leaving room for a new stage of access to the power of 10. At the same time, 9 is also a common number in the religions and spiritual history of the world. Jesus appeared 9 times to his apostles after ascending to heaven, Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, 9 is also the day of judgement in the Bible. In Greek mythology, the goddess Persephone (wife of Hades, the god of death) spends 3 years underground and 9 on Earth, and in Celtic and Anglo-Saxon folklore 9 nature goddesses are often mentioned.

We should therefore know that when we are in a month characterized by the numerological energy of 9 there is a certain liberation taking place. Perhaps we free up our time, or free ourselves from a certain pattern that was hurting us, from a wrong system of thinking; we may free ourselves from certain things that were channeling our attention in the wrong way, or perhaps we release the very energy of life itself again and focus instead on the things that are truly meaningful in our lives and aligned with the purpose for which we were put on this earth.

Some closure may be happening on an emotional or mental level, changes or transformations that remind us that we are about to enter a new cycle and that, while they may shake us up a bit, they also enliven, renew and invigorate our lives.

The power of a period under the influence of 9 has at its core a spiritual awakening and regaining a sense of personal power, even though there might be a possibility of being compelled to make difficult decisions. It is also about recognition, fulfillment and achievement, about overcoming some of life’s obstacles and regaining self-confidence, about letting go of the idea of control over things that are not really in our power to control.

So, if certain things simply walk out of your lives in the coming period, whether may it be the wrapping-up of a project, moving to another country, choosing a different path or deciding to distance yourself from certain people, partnerships going nowhere, situations too complicated or messy to serve your soul’s good and so on, take a deep breath and remember the message of the universe: you are supported and sustained no matter what may happen and what leaves your life at this time is no longer serving your growth.

You have had something to learn from this stage, absorb the lessons with maturity and wisdom and let it go with kindness, forgiveness and goodwill, letting things or people taking care of themselves. Surrendering to the course of our own lives is not always easy, but it can be part of our evolution.

The number 9 is also about selflessness and generosity, about compassion, about the power of giving and involvement, of opening up to others, of seeing in every closed road a new road opening up. A month dominated by the universal number 9 can also be seen as a time of transition to transformation, during which we will receive divine guidance as well as some answers. Some of us may become involved during this period in situations that are for the general good of our society, family or community and not necessarily for our personal good.

For others of us, this release may also refer to completing details, chores (even cleaning or clearing a physical or virtual space), acts, actions or promises that we have not completed so far, to saying “no” to those things that we feel deep down are not in line with our being.

We are summoned now to complete them, to use our time usefully so that we can free ourselves from them, complete them and move on to other things we have to accomplish, initiate and complete at some point. When we wrap things up in one place, new chances and new opportunities open up for us in another place.

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