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Home practices for cleaning the keyboard

If you look at your keyboard, you will probably find that it’s not perfectly clean. The surface is not easy to keep spotless, and yet there are some practices that help you clean your keyboard more effectively.

1. The simplest and handiest method is to use a toothbrush and ear cleaning sticks. Turn off the computer, dip the ear cleaning stick into alcohol, wipe the areas between the rows of keys and then rub the entire surface with an unused toothbrush.

2. You can buy a special keyboard cleansing gel which you have to stuff into the gaps between the keyboard and then peel it off. This method is very efficient, as it removes all deposited dust, gunk and bacteria.

3. Window cleaner: spray it on the the keyboard and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. This method is excellent to remove dust and smaller impurities, but sometimes you’ll need to use a more efficient solution.

4. The most expensive and most effective method is compressed air, which cleans even the deepest, most unattainable parts of the keyboard.

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