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These will be the trendiest hairstyles of the winter – feminine bangs and chic bobs

Short, medium and long hair: these are the hairstyles that will be the hottest in the coming months.

This winter, as for the rest of the year, there are plenty of exciting hairstyles to choose from if you want to give your look a little update with one of the trendiest styles.

Many different cuts will continue to be popular in the coming months, with ripped styles remaining a big favorite, as well as chic bobs and feminine bangs.

Winter’s trendiest hairstyles

The ‘90s’ gradual-cut hairstyle is back in a slightly new guise, with bobs in the chin lengths taking the spotlight. In bangs, the curtain bangs, which fall in curls and are parted in the middle, are the hottest, but modern, fancy micro bangs remain at the forefront of the trend. To give you some inspiration, we will now take a look at the trendiest hairstyles of the winter: you’re sure to find your favorite.

This pixie backcombed hairstyle gives a sense of confidence and determination, and it also highlights the face.

The chin-length bob and the curtain froufrou are the perfect pairing. This hairstyle becomes even more feminine if you blow-dry the ends slightly inwards.

For a modern, unique look, opt for a bob with short bangs.

This shoulder-length hairdo creates a very sexy effect with the raised, side-swept bob.

It also looks great with longer bangs and is cool again with this luscious, straight-cut, attention-grabbing version.

The ‘90s favorite teased, gradual-cut hairstyles are also back in fashion for winter.

For extra-long locks, this heavily teased, staggered style is a fashionable choice, giving shape and hold to the hair.

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