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The spice that lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar

Sumac is known as a spice mostly used in Arabic cuisine that grows in Europe and in the Middle East; its therapeutic qualities are much less known. The seasoning is obtained from the dried and ground fruits of the plant.

Some studies have shown that sumac is an excellent antioxidant; in fact, it seems to have a higher antioxidant power than some fruits and vegetables. Besides, sumac prevents diseases such as diabetes and certain types of cancer, and is helpful in treating cardiovascular diseases.

Specialists recommend treatment with sumac for patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, obesity or pre-diabetes. Several studies found that if administered continuously for 3 months, sumac cure reduces blood glucose and bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol.

Sumac is an ideal spice that you can also use to prevent certain diseases.

Sumac contains gallic acid recognized for its antibacterial effects. You may wash fruits and vegetables in water to which you added sumac powder to destroy harmful bacteria.

This spice also contains many substances with anti-inflammatory properties, so it may be used to treat colds, flu, bronchitis and skin inflammations and reduces fever.

Last but not least, sumac improves digestion and can prevent the onset of gastroesophageal affections. In addition, it combats or relieves indigestion, intestinal transit disorders, abdominal cramps and gastroesophageal reflux.

The spice that lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar

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