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Two dancers step on the scene. When the third dancer joins them, the performance becomes breathtaking

Dance is one of the most elevating arts. In the video we can watch an extremely beautiful contemporary dance dreamed up by choreographer Natasha Louise. The three dancers manage to take us into the middle of a fairy tale.

At the beginning, the pair of dancers starts dancing with timid movements. When the third dancer joins them, the performance gets to a completely new level, becoming a combination of deep emotions, drama and symbolism.

Every movement is meant to transmit a certain idea or feeling, and is part of a complex narrative. The group of these Canadian dancers has created an amazing work of performance art.

The audience that had the opportunity to participate at a breathtaking performance, didn’t intervene with loud expressions of appreciation during the dance, but after it was over, the ovations demonstrate the enchantment of all those present.

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