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The sign with the most beautiful soul, the only one who knows how to love unconditionally

Which sign do you think is endowed with this rare power?

Every sign has that some unique trait that makes it special. Some signs possess enormous mental power and seem like they could move a mountain out of its place if they wanted to. Others are so loyal and faithful that they stick by their loved ones even when their hearts bleed with grief.

Among them all, however, there is a special zodiac sign with a soul like no other. Those born under this sign are sensitive beings, but they have received an unparalleled gift from God: they know how to love unconditionally with their whole being.

If you haven’t figured out which sign it is yet, we won’t keep you in suspense. We are, of course, referring to the sign of Pisces.

The legends surrounding this zodiac sign are numerous. Some of them say that the two Pisces represent the ichthyocentaurs, legendary beings who pulled Aphrodite out of the sea foam when she was born. Other legends say that they are the fish who pulled the magic chariot of Amphitrite, Poseidon’s wife, and that in gratitude for their service, they were given eternal life and placed by the gods on the celestial vault.

Another legend links Jesus to the sign of Pisces. Although according to Christian tradition, Jesus was born on 25 December (which would make him a Capricorn), some historians believe that the Savior’s birth would be closer to spring, which would place him in the sign of Pisces. Incidentally, one of the earliest symbols of Jesus was the fish.

For example, oppressed Christians living in the Roman Empire recognized each other by discreetly drawing a stylized fish. Also, if we were to go deeper on the analysis of Jesus’ character traits, he would be closer to the sign of Pisces than Capricorn. Of course, Jesus was a good leader, as Capricorn is, but his whole life is dedicated to love, forgiveness, help, and ultimately sacrifice, as Pisces natives do in their daily lives.

As I said at the beginning of this article, Pisces natives are gifted with the power to love unconditionally, and they may even tend to love everyone else but themselves. Therefore, if you have a native born in this sign in your life you should consider yourself lucky. No one knows how to love and sacrifice like this sign, even if their efforts are often treated with less gratitude and recognition than they deserve.

In addition to this very special quality, here’s why you should rejoice and be grateful if you have someone a Pisces close to your heart:

– They forgive very quickly
– They are always there when you need them
– They hold no grudges
– They always think about the needs of others
– They know how to empathize
– They listen and guide gently
– They know what to say to make you feel better

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