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5 effective tips against ticks

Headaches, high fever, and permanent health damage can be some of the unpleasant consequences of a tick bite. That is why it is important to do everything you can to keep them away as much as possible.

Five effective tips against ticks

Ticks spread a lot of diseases, so we must prevent tick bites at all costs. The following tips can help.

Tip 1 – Avoid walking in tall grass and roadside vegetation

In the past, there was a commonly believed misconception that ticks prefer to live on oak trees, from where they can fall on people. Nowadays, we know that ticks actually live much closer to the soil, so it is highly recommended to avoid walking into tall grass and vegetation along hiking trails, where most of these bloodsuckers hide.

Tip 2 – Clothing

Wearing the right kind of clothes can also help to avoid the need to remove ticks after a hike. It is the best to wear a long-sleeved top, long trousers, and a hat. It is also recommended to wear light-coloured clothes, as ticks can be notices much easier on light background and can be brushed off before they have the chance to wedge themselves into a comfortable nook.

Tip 3 – Avoid undergrowth

In addition to tall grass, undergrowth should also be avoided. If this is not possible, choose tight trousers, preferably made from an elastic material, rather than loose trousers, or at least. tuck the trouser legs into your socks.

Tip 4 – Use a tick repellent

Never forget to use a tick repellent! In addition to the tips mentioned above, always have some kind of product on you to keep the bloodsuckers away. It is important to note that most tick repellents provide protection for 1-3 hours, so you will need to repeat the treatment after several times a day. If you do not like to use dubious chemicals, you can choose natural-based products.

Tip 5 – Check yourself for ticks

Our last and most important tip is to always check yourself after a hike in the woods. This is very important as there is no such thing as 100% effective protection. Ticks like thin and warm areas of skin, their favourite places being the arms, knees, neck, underarms, head, and groin.

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