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Why you should eat yogurt when you’re craving sweets

A balanced diet, which includes yogurt, can help you shed extra pounds and free you of the annoying craving for sweets that often sabotages your weight loss efforts.

A yogurt-based snack is a healthy alternative when you feel like nibbling on some not too healthy snack.

How does yogurt manage to curb the appetite for sweets?

Rich in proteins and calcium, yogurt is a snack that induces the feeling of satiety, and its creamy texture helps to fool your body when you crave something sweet and unhealthy.

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In addition, probiotics in yogurt improve your digestive system, and regular consumption of yogurt is associated with a better functioning immune system, weight loss and reduced inflammation throughout the body.

Because of all these benefits, yogurt is recommended as a basic snack that you should always have in the fridge, both at home and at your workplace.

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