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10 reasons why men prefer women with less or no makeup

Most women are convinced that men are fond of lively red lipstick, stunningly made up eyes and long eyelashes. Some men may do, but most prefer no makeup or natural makeup.

Here are the reasons why men prefer women who do not wear makeup.

1. Most men instinctively think that a face without makeup is much more honest, open and easier to read. It says, “this is me, I’m like this”, and it is not hidden behind corrector, powder and blush.

2. A woman without makeup is more fragile, lovable and accessible, and a man feels that he should protect her and be gentle to her.

3. A woman without makeup is much more enjoyable in intimate situations. She doesn’t worry about getting her lipstick smeared, and she is much more spontaneous.

4. A woman who uses light or no makeup spends less time in the bathroom to get ready, and has more time for her partner.

5. A woman who rarely wears makeup is much more beautiful when she wakes up in the morning.

6. Although many women believe that being made up to perfection is necessary for being able to conquer a man and get married, this is totally untrue.

7. Many women have no idea what tasteful makeup looks like, and they think they are attractive with awkward and overdone makeup. It is good to keep in mind that less is sometimes more.

8. A woman without makeup does not have to adjust her makeup to her outfit. As a result, she needs to put less effort into dressing, will be more natural and will feel better in her skin.

9. Most men find it repulsive when a woman starts crying and her running mascara makes her look like a sad clown.

10. Makeup acts as a mask that hides a woman’s true expressions and personality. Many women are unrecognizable without makeup, so it is as if they used makeup to turn themselves into a completely different person.

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