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How to achieve happiness according to the law of attraction

According to esoteric teachings, you can only be happy if you live according to the law of love – and the law of attraction only works in this case.

What are the rules that lead to contentment and balance according to the law of attraction? Our environment obeys our thoughts as long as they do not contradict the law of love. If we believe that we deserve happiness and allow positive, constructive and loving thoughts to flow, we have taken the first step towards inner balance.

The law of cause and effect

This law is also known as the law of karma. A person must know that their actions have consequences that will reflect back on them. That is, we get back what we have done to our fellow human beings. This law exhorts us to behave lovingly in word, thought and deed towards all those from whom we wish to receive kindness, help and support in return, and to avoid evil and hurtful acts towards our fellow human beings. According to the law of cause and effect, from every act of love, from every selfless act of giving and helping, comes joy and pleasure.

The law of reincarnation

Why do those who do not deserve it suffer? The question can be answered by the law of reincarnation, according to which life is nothing but an opportunity for spiritual growth. In each of our lives, we fulfill a task undertaken before we were born. If we have a debt to someone from our previous life, we can repay it in our next life.

The law of opportunity

Everything that surrounds us carries a message and is in the service of progress. When we recognize the potential in each event, we realize that there is no right and wrong, as even the events that negatively affect our lives are meant to teach us and guide us towards a better understanding of ourselves.

The law of conformity

Thoughts, feelings and forces create and attract similar thoughts, feelings and forces. Isn’t it strange how people are always brought together by fate with people who are in similar situations or who are looking for answers to the same ideas?

The law of balance

This rule, which states that opposites attract, is somewhat at odds with the law of correspondence. When we encounter a person who is repulsive to us, it is worth reflecting on why his or her behavior attracts our attention. It may even be that the trait that repels us is just as likely to be found in ourselves. This mirror image gives us a good opportunity to learn self-awareness from another person, and thus become a better person.

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