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10 things you should never do to avoid influencing your child negatively

Obviously, you don’t want to influence the physical or mental health of your child in a negative way. The following are, however, common mistakes that should be avoided exactly because they will have a negative effect on your child.

1. Encouraging them to lie in certain situations

Asking a child to lie, even about small things (such as asking them to tell someone that you are not at home) makes your child believe that lying is okay, and sooner or later they will do the same.

2. Forcing them to eat when they are not hungry

Of course, there are certain norms and routines recommended by pediatricians that should be followed. For example, there are guidelines that need to be respected regarding the quantity of food, the number of servings and the types of food depending on the age of the child. However, you must not forget that every child is an individual, and their body knows better when they should eat. Do not set too rigid rules about what and when your child should eat. Instead, teach your child to listen to their body.

3. Forcing them to do something that does not fit their personality or interests

If your child is shy, accept it and do not force them to do things that intimidate or scare them. If your child is hyperactive and noisy, let them know that you love them the way they are, and do not want to change them according to your own standards.

4. Forcing them to apologize without knowing what they have done wrong

We can often hear mothers demanding their child to say sorry immediately for something they have done. Children usually oblige even when they have no idea what they did wrong. Explain to your child what those situations are in which they have to apologize, and do not force them to say sorry on command.

10 things you should never do to avoid influencing your child negatively

5. Urging them to say hello to strangers

Children should not be taught that it is okay if strangers approach them and talk to them. Also, you have to teach your child not to accept candy, toys or money from strangers. It is better to teach them to stay safe than to encourage them to be overly friendly, and expose themselves to dangerous situations.

6. Making friends with children they do not like

Even if your best friend has a child who is the same age as yours, you should not force the children to make friends if they are not comfortable with it. Trust your child to choose their own friends.

7. Forcing your child to change a habit from one day to another

Whether you want your child to give up the pacifier, sleep in their own bed or to start using the potty, every change should be gradual and only done when the child is ready.

8. Urging your child to follow a diet, or punish them with food deprivation

There are children who are a little overweight, but this does not mean that you have to completely forbid them to eat candy or some food they like. Of course, you should limit the consumption of harmful food, avoid storing too much candy at home, and encourage your child to try out healthy foods instead.

9. Having your child sleep at places where they do not feel comfortable

If your child does not want to sleep at their grandmother, do not force them to. If you want to go out with your husband, you should rather ask their grandmother to babysit the child in your own home. This way, both you and your child will be much more relaxed.

10. Demanding your child to keep doing something they cannot do very well

If your child has tried out skating several times and they still feel unsure on their feet, and probably sad and disappointed in themselves, perhaps it is a sign that you should give up your dream that they will be artistic skaters and encourage them to try some other sport. You should not encourage your child to give up each time they face difficulties, but you should not to force them to do something they hate either.

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