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3 diet foods that actually slow down weight loss – You may think they are good for your health, but they are not

Many so-called diet foods are eaten happily by dieters, but sometimes they cause more harm than good.

Losing weight is a complex process, and it is not enough to replace certain foods with their ‘low-calorie’ or ‘light’ versions.

If you refrain from eating sugar to avoid taking in empty calories, you should take a closer look at what other substances you are putting into your body by choosing sugar-free foods. On the whole, foods labelled as ‘healthy’, or ‘diet’ should be chosen with some common sense.

Slow weight loss because of diet foods


The food industry uses a wide range of sweeteners, such as saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame and sucralose. In addition, stevia is often added to foods as a natural sweetener. Surprisingly, these are the very foods that can lead to a loss of taste perception and, indirectly, to weight gain. Interestingly, those who prefer sweeteners are more likely to consume products sweetened with sugar. This is because sweet taste, with or without calories, triggers an insulin response in the body, and the body wants the sugar to go with it. This way, you might not get any calories from a soft drink, but a few hours later you will be likely to crave something that does have sugar in it. And if you think you can just give up eating diet foods, you would be wrong: research from the University of Bordeaux in France has shown that they can be addictive.

A study by the American Diabetes Association looked at the health effects of sugar-free, sweetened drinks. They found that energy-free drinks increased the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by 36% and type 2 diabetes by 67%.

Even when it comes to sugar-free ketchup, it is worth being aware that it contains almost no valuable nutrients. Additive-laden ketchup is also only good for slowing down the metabolism, which can trigger metabolic syndrome over time.

Treats that are thought to be fibrous

A diet high in fiber helps you lose weight, but it is important to keep within healthy limits. Consuming more than 70 grams of fiber a day may lead to increased gas, diarrhea, queasiness, and nausea. Excessive fiber intake may also cause nutrient deficiencies by inhibiting the processing of essential nutrients in the body. In fact, according to a study published in the Independent, a muesli bar has nearly as many calories as a slice of chocolate cake, and yet many people consider it a healthy food that helps in weight loss! It is worth rethinking your morning eating habits, as eating a muesli with dried fruits or a muesli bar can have a big impact on blood sugar levels.

Fruit juices

100% fruit juices are not half as healthy as they are advertised to be. Most orange juices are indeed high in vitamin C, but compared to the fruit, the juices available in food stores are full of sugar and contain preservatives to prolong the shelf life of these products to many months.

It is worth exploring the source and content of foods that are advertised as healthy and suitable for weight loss cures, and if possible, prepare the food you want to eat at home using ingredients rather than ready-made meals and products.

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