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Why is it not recommended to look in the mirror when you are crying?

A mirror is a very mysterious object, and many superstitions, rituals and signs are associated with it. It acts as a portal between our world and the worlds beyond, through which mediums are capable to communicate with souls in other dimensions.

A medium is a person who can enter in a hypnotic state, also called trance, and about whom it is believed that they can communicate with spirits and can serve as a mediator between the living and the dead.

What may happen when you look in a mirror when you are crying?

Even in the most ancient times, healers knew that one shouldn’t look in a mirror when crying. And old superstition says that when you are crying in front of a mirror, you wash off all the beauty from your face, as spirits passed into the otherworld are at such moments feeding on your beauty.

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Many energy and esoteric experts consider that this superstition is in fact true. When a sad person cries and looks at themselves in the mirror, protection against those who hate or envy them weakens. Crying in front of a mirror will allow entities from other dimensions to influence the crier in negative ways. In fact, even enemies in this world will profit from the energy that escapes through the portal of the mirror.

Consequently, you should only look in the mirror with a smile on your face; at these moments, you always should exude happiness and you should never show your problems. Even if you are going through a very sad period in your life and you can’t seem to escape of bitterness, by smiling in the mirror you show that you are a powerful person, and you don’t give up easily when you are faced with negative experiences and adversaries.

A mirror is not only a portal between two worlds, but it is also an amplifier of your energy field. As a consequence, mirrors are very often used in magic rituals, love charms, curses, and other rituals that are meant to influence a person and their will.

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In esoteric science, it is said that if you look in a mirror while you are crying, your tears will multiply in the near future, and you will attract more and more problems into your life.
Even crying in front of a mirror during the day attracts problems into your life but doing this at night may bring terrible difficulties. Don’t forget that during the night the forces of the evil are much stronger, and if the mirror catches you crying at this time, the image can be reproduced over and over again.

What should you do if you have already cried in front of a mirror?

If you have already made this mistake, you will have to recreate the image.

For the beginning, you should stand in front of a mirror when you are in a cheerful mood and turn your image into a positive one. Your eyes shouldn’t be filled with tears, and no sadness or regret should show in them. Look in the mirror for several minutes with a smile on your face, so that the mirror can remember your cheerful disposition, and register that you are a confident person who does not shy away in front of difficulties.

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Next, wash the mirror and smile every time you look into the mirror afterwards, to show that you are a different person and not the one who was depressed and desperate earlier. This act should be repeated as often as possible, and after the old image disappears, your life will turn to the better and pain will leave you.

If your troubles continue to surface, the reason may be that the negative forces have already managed to affect you in deeper ways. In this case, you should use protective charms. At the same time, you should avoid entering into a permanently negative state, and you should believe in yourself and that your situation will soon improve, and you will be able to be successful again.

It is the most recommended to cover your mirrors when you are sad and look into them only when you want to and when you are ready. Avoid negative attitudes towards your looks, as in this case whenever you look into a mirror you will notice that everything becomes more difficult, your skin will look even worse, and your inner problems soon will be noticeable by everybody around you.

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