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Why every woman should wear a skirt as often as possible

A skirt was linked to femininity in most cultures throughout human history. According to experts, a woman who regularly wears a skirt possesses much more feminine energy than one who rarely or never replaces her usual pants with a more feminine garment. 

For many centuries, women wore only skirts or dresses, and thus they were connected with the forces of nature. Women and men possess different kinds of energies: men receive most of their energy from the universe, while women capture the energy of the Earth.

Love, nurturing, self-surrender, fertility and providing safety are qualities shared by the Earth and a woman.

A typical skirt looks like a cone that widens downwards. This shape helps amplify the energy received from the Earth, and promotes fertility and safety.

A woman’s energy is concentrated in her womb. When a woman wears pants, her spiritual relationship with the Earth is blocked, she cannot recharge, and the reserves of her womb turn empty. It is very important for a woman to have sufficient female energy for an optimal creativity, fertility, self-confidence and fulfillment.

When a woman wears pants, she feeds her soul with masculine energy, which causes discomfort, imbalance and physical illness.

For a long time in history, people thought that a skirt or dress should touch the ground, thus making it much easier for the woman to absorb the Earth’s energy. Besides, the circumference of the bottom of the skirt creates a protective circle around the wearer and reinforces the uptake of the energy.

Why every woman should wear a skirt as often as possible

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