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Monday, September 20, 2021

7 young women stand completely motionless on the stage – watch them when they start moving their feet

Talent shows are usually extremely surprising because of the unique performances of amateur or professional artists. The group of dancers in the video amaze us both by their simple presence and by their hilarious performance.

Dressed in half white, half black suits, the seven women manage to delight their audience by creating a perfect optical illusion by their dance. The alternating movements of the legs are misleading and create the impression that they belong to other bodies.

Against the backdrop of popular songs, beginning with “Eye of the Tiger” and continuing with “Can’t Touch This”, the seven dancers move their feet so they seem to support each other. While some are stuck on the floor, others seem to fly. In fact, each dancer has at least one foot on the floor and only the other is moving, creating an incredible visual effect.

The funny dance was part of the Salon of Silverdale First Ward Talent LDS and since the video was published online, it has gathered over 7 million views.

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