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These 3 zodiac signs may have paranormal powers: clairvoyance, retrospective memory, magic

Every sign and every zodiac native are given their own special gift when they are born, but in case of certain signs these gifts can be considered paranormal powers. These natives can access information as well as emotions and perceptions beyond the limits of logic. Here are the zodiac signs most gifted with paranormal powers.

Zodiac signs with paranormal powers: Cancer

We already know that these natives are sensitive and that they manage to understand people and their reactions in a profound way, being aware of their wounds and vulnerabilities. We know Cancer natives to be soulful, altruistic, benevolent and involved in the sufferings of others.

Besides being incredibly romantic, Cancer natives are also practical. They may not be too agile, but they have a rhythm of their own by which they really do achieve the desired results.

If these natives manage to get beyond the power of present emotions and connect to their deeper senses, they will be able to penetrate the mysteries of the present and the future, with empathy as their main source of power.

They may have déjà vu experiences, they may feel themselves distancing themselves from their bodies, but their most intense power remains that of knowing, understanding or feeling the truth, regardless of the time when it occurred.

In other words, Cancer natives receive the paranormal power of clairvoyance, knowing the truth beyond all appearance or finding it in complete darkness.

Cancer natives can experience clairvoyance as a powerful intuition that encompasses them. For example, they will know when they are being lied to, they will know the results of their actions, they may see glimpses of another reality or perhaps the future or someone else’s life.

By giving free rein to the senses they have, these natives can develop their power, achieving extraordinary results.

Zodiac signs with paranormal powers: Libra

Libras will always lead a rich life, not necessarily materially, but spiritually. And their life is always hectic.

At some point, starting in their late teens, they will find it difficult to find their place, their destiny, they will develop an inner effervescence that will not give them peace for long; it will lead them to travel, to feel the need to meet people from other places, countries and cultures, it is difficult for them to follow the patterns of their family.

All this happens to them because these natives have a very rich and diverse karma, have gone through many reincarnations and have accumulated lots of experience, spiritual maturity, but also karmic debts.

Their place can be anywhere in the world or perhaps in several areas of the globe. This is why travel is really good for them and helps them to reconnect with themselves.

The paranormal power of these natives is retrospective memory, which points precisely to the large number of reincarnations of these natives.

They may meet people about whom they feel particularly intense and confused emotions, most likely souls with whom they have had particularly important experiences in previous lives.

They may also have dreams that are very difficult to interpret, but which they feel deep down to be real, part of their spiritual reality, even if they do not belong to the moment.
These natives may also see or feel shadows of time, either as presence of spirits or memories of a place.

Zodiac signs with paranormal powers: Pisces

Perhaps one of the most mystical and almost impossible to understand of the Zodiac signs, Pisces natives remain “slippery” and anchored in another reality, a world they rarely let us see.

Pisces can penetrate into the shadowy areas of the Universe, where the light does not reach, as well as into the human soul. Their connection with others is very difficult to grasp, as they understand what others don’t even know exists, and on top of all that, they manage to remain quite neutral about everything they feel.

They remain focused on their own values, on their own happiness, and they are the greatest masters of combining selfishness and altruism. You can never foresee their movements and relapses, as they are quite unpredictable in some aspects of life and interpersonal relationships.

The paranormal power of Pisces is magic. For beyond their deep insight into the truths of the Universe, these natives remain focused on their own lives. And the spiritual powers they possess allow them to get from the Universe and from life what they truly desire. It is as if they have a burning desire within themselves, and the Universe provides them with what they need or even fulfills their most far-fetched desires.

Pisces natives really have to be careful what they wish for. Moreover, they can be considered masters of using the Law of Attraction in the Universe. They ask, and life gives.

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