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A Ukrainian woman’s looks before her plastic surgeries and the resulting peach-sized cheeks

There is a Ukrainian model who advertises herself as the woman with the biggest cheeks in the world, and many people are shocked when they first see her photos. The images are even more shocking when you look at the woman’s original face before with plastic surgeries that completely destroyed her looks.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk would be an above-average looking 32-year-old woman had she not begun a complete makeover of her face six years ago. The model had one aesthetic surgery after another performed on her face and has now become world famous for her giga-cheeks.

Anastasia recently uploaded photos of herself to her social site on which her face was still intact. She was 26 years old, barely wearing makeup, and her long hair and face also glowed with natural beauty. Six years have passed since then, and the beautiful girl is gone without a trace. The model admitted that she had spent a fortune to make her look the way she looks today. She is very proud of herself and what she has achieved. This is exactly the way she feels good in her skin.

Anastasia claims that she has the largest cheeks in the world and has long lost count of how many times she lay under knife until she reached her goal.

The Ukrainian woman recently asked her followers to vote on whether they prefer her old or new self: the natural beauty with minimal makeup, brown eyes, and delicate features, or, her over-plasticized face crowned with pink hair, colored contact lenses, striking makeup, and distorted facial features.

“Before and after transformation, at 26 and 32. Which one do you prefer?” she asked his 250,000 followers. Anastasia’s photos were much liked and commented on.

“You look like a Marvel superhero,” one of her followers wrote, to which she responded with a heart. Another commenter wrote, “You were very beautiful at the age 26.” Anastasia answered to this comment with a simple no.

The transformation of the Ukrainian model began at the age of 26, when hyaluronic acid was injected into her lips several times, and her forehead and face were filled with Botox. She dyed her hair, switched to striking makeup, and became completely transformed. Although many people find her new look repulsive, she loves her face.

“After going through the first injections and seeing the results, I fell in love with the process. I understand that is weird and incomprehensible to some people, but I don’t care,” said Anastasia.

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