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5 affirmations you should say to your child every day

Some parents can barely have time to enjoy their children because of the daily hustle and bustle, worries, work, and household responsibilities. Tasks pile up and sometimes you have very little time left to talk to your children and spend quality time with them. Keep in mind, however, that children need the emotional closeness of their parents, so make sure your little ones know that you love them and that they are important to you.

There are many ways to express affection, but sometimes it is important to express it in words. And it is best not to miss a day without telling your children how much you love them. Messages of love are little bricks that build a child’s self-esteem and confidence for the future.

You must not forget that what your children think of themselves will depend to a large extent on the messages sent by their parents. The information and evaluations they receive regarding their actions are essential for building their self-image. And their development is in close harmony with the affectionate gestures, the giving and the comments they receive every day from their parents.

Make sure your children know how much you love them

1. “You are very special”

It is very important for your children to understand that they are unique, different and special. This way they will not only feel loved and appreciated, but also more self-confident and secure. It is a great way to let them know that although they have flaws and can make mistakes, they also have wonderful qualities that make them different from others.

2. “I love you so much”

Through their actions, parents show their children every day that they love them. But it is very important to tell this to them through words too. There are hard days, days when you may lose patience and scold your child. But these words will help you to let them know that whatever happens, you will never stop loving them. Remember that unconditional acceptance is the basis for good self-esteem.

5 affirmations you should say to your child every day

3. “You make me happy”

Your child is a huge source of satisfaction and happiness. And you do not have to wait for a special occasion to tell him how lucky you are that they exist in your life. In this way you show them that they are very important to you, that they are a source of happiness and pride. Do not forget that when your child sees their parents worrying, they may feel guilty. Therefore, make sure to tell them that this is not the case.

4. “I trust you”

The pillars of self-confidence are built from early childhood. If you trust your child, they will trust their abilities and become a confident adult. Remember that your child immediately becomes frustrated and disappointed when they do not get the expected results. Therefore, it is important to nurture their self-confidence every day. Your child should know that you have confidence in their abilities to learn to keep going, regardless of any eventual mistakes.

5. “I like it when…”

This affirmation is not about flattery, but about highlighting the positive traits of the child, the ones you find the most valuable and want to reinforce. Parents often make the mistake of focusing more on punishing negative behaviors than highlighting positive behaviors. It is much better if you focus on your child’s best qualities and show them that you notice these. This way, not only will your child know exactly what you expect from them, but they will also develop a more positive image of themselves.

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