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The ugliest woman in the world. A ruthless disease transformed her completely

Before she got sick, the ugliest woman in the world was an extremely beautiful woman. But a rare and cruel disease transformed her, getting her to compete for the title “The ugliest woman in the world” in order to be able to raise her children. Find out her whole story.

The ugliest woman in the world was born very beautiful

Mary Ann Webster was born in London, in a big and pretty poor family. Because of that, she needed to work from a very young age becoming later, a nurse in a hospital.

Before the cruel disease appeared, she had a normal life, like million of other women from England at that time. She was a very attractive woman who dreamed of having a large family, a dream that came true. In 1903, at the age of 29, she married Thomas Bevan, becoming a mother of 4 children.

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The acromegaly transformed her into “the ugliest woman in the world”

After a while, Mary started having some health problems, she was suffering from severe migraines, muscle and joint pain . The doctor did not understand what was going on with her, but also she did not have much time to focus on her health, because the family was waiting for her at home.

Soon Mary observed that her features started to change and she started not to look like herself. Because of the disease, at the age of 32 years old, she was going to transform into “the ugliest woman”. She was diagnosed with a disease named acromegaly also known as gigantism, a hormonal disease induced by the hypersecretion of the somatotropic hormone. This disease is characterized by the exaggerated extension of the facial bones, mandible, generally the wide bones, but also thickening of the lips, growingof the internal organs and the exaggerated elongation of hands and legs.


The participation in the contest

After her husband’s death, in 1914, Mary Ann has remained without the main source of income of the family. So she took every job that has been offered, so that she could feed her children. But it wasn’t easy at all because she always got insulted and taunted because of her appearance everywhere she went.

At one point, Mary found out about a contest named “The ugliest woman in the world”. She decided to participate, because the prize was a considerable amount of money. It was no surprise that she won the contest, but the negative articles about her in the media cast a shadow over her joy.



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To her luck, her physical appearance became a national subject in Great Britain, a thing that brought her jobs at the circus, in the “shows with monsters ”. Also, she was contacted by an important business man, A. Chapman, who had discovered other “freaks” and exhibited them in shows. Thanks to him, she travelled to Scotland, England and Ireland, having a big success with the audience. Further, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean and she stayed there, participating in shows, until the end of her life.

Because of the disease, Mary Ann died at the of 59 years old, with a weight of 58 kilograms and with a height of 1,7 meters (not a lot for a person with acromegaly). Her last wish was to be buried by her 4 children in England.

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