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What are white spots on nails? Conditions indicated by their appearance

White spots on the nails are also known as leukonychia, and they can occur as a result of physical or chemical factors. Most of the time, the appearance of the spots is due to minor trauma to the nails. However, white patches on the nails may in some cases indicate the development of fungal infections or kidney failure.

Your nails are exposed daily to various physical and chemical factors, which is worrying considering the fact that they play a very important role in protecting your fingers from many kinds of shocks. Nails are made up of proteins called keratin, which is also one of the reasons why they can indicate certain deficiencies the human body suffers from.

What are white spots on nails

White spots on nails should not be a cause for concern for most people. Although many believe that the symptom occurs as a result of calcium deficiency, most experts say that this is just a myth that has gained popularity over time.

White patches come in different shapes and sizes. They can be circle-shaped or appear as irregular lines. Also, they can form either vertically or along the length of the nail and are most often found on the hands rather than on the feet. Most specialists say that white spots on the nails are caused by physical factors such as hitting a hard surface or trapping the nail in a tight space.

What is more, they can also be the signs of an allergic reaction to a nail varnish or gel. False manicures can affect the long-term health of the nails and lead to the appearance of hangnails. Incorrect use of nail polish can give your manicure that unpleasant white-spotted look.

In the case of white spots that occur as a result of physical trauma, there is no special remedy. All you have to do is wait for the nail to grow until eventually you will be able to cut off the damaged part.

What health conditions may be indicated by the white spots?

Although white spots on your nails shouldn’t be a cause for concern, they can sometimes indicate certain health conditions. According to Healthline.com, they can signal mineral and vitamin deficiencies, the most common being zinc and calcium.

Experts say that in some rare cases white spots may indicate the presence of a more serious condition such as kidney failure or heart disease. Although these cases are extremely rare, as a rule, spots on nails will not be the first symptoms of such a condition.

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