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The 4 worst breakfasts that many people still swear by: they raise blood sugar levels in seconds

Not all popular breakfasts are a good way to start the day.

Many of the most popular breakfast options are actually not the ideal way to start the day, as they can raise blood sugar levels quickly and don’t provide enough energy.

People with diabetes and insulin resistance should be particularly careful to keep their blood glucose levels steady throughout the day and avoid major spikes.

Blood sugar-boosting breakfasts

A good breakfast is one that gives you a brisk start to the day, is rich in nutrients that are good for your body, is not full of empty calories and doesn’t leave you feeling hungry soon afterwards. Unfortunately, in the rush of getting ready in the morning, many people don’t know how to eat and opt for quick and easy-to-eat treats on the go.

However, processed foods rich in refined carbohydrates can cause a significant spike in blood sugar levels, which can lead to a sudden spike and then a rapid drop. The latter usually causes a feeling of hunger, and even mild hypoglycemia can lead to nervousness, increased heart rate and sweating.

The following foods are popular choices for breakfast, but they are best avoided to keep blood sugar levels steady, especially for people with carbohydrate metabolism disorders.

Sweet pastries

A variety of sweet pastries, croissants, biscuits and scones are perhaps the most popular options that can be quickly purchased on the way to work. But most of them are high in calories and full of added sugar. At the same time, they are typically low in fiber and protein, which could slow down their absorption. In addition, they are usually rich in saturated fats, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The likelihood of the latter is already high in people with diabetes.

The four worst breakfasts that many people still swear by: they raise blood sugar levels in seconds


What toast is made of can make a difference. Depending on individual sensitivity, whole meal varieties may raise blood sugar levels more slowly than those made from white flour, but toasting speeds up absorption. There is also the question of what toast is topped with. For example, jams and marmalades with lots of added sugar are common choices.


Yoghurt is a delicious, light and quick breakfast. But the problem is usually that the flavored versions are high in added sugar. The sugar-free versions usually contain artificial sweeteners, not all of which are recommended for people on special diets. If you insist on yoghurt, it’s best to go for plain, which you can flavor at home with oily seeds or fruit, if your diet permits it. If you are insulin resistant, for example, fruit consumption is usually less recommended in the morning.


It’s worth checking the labels on the most popular breakfast cereals and muesli, as they tend to contain a lot of added sugar. It is also important to note that flaking cereals increases the rate of carbohydrate absorption. The same is true for extruded cereals, as well as for pureed and blended vegetables and fruit.

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