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No one and nothing can harm them: 3 zodiac signs under divine protection in the autumn of 2023

The Universe is on their side, supporting them and bringing them opportunities rarely available in this life, while protecting them from all harm.

This autumn will be full of joy and happiness for these zodiac signs, and they will learn to appreciate life.


Stability and protection will dominate this autumn for you. As the leaves fall and everything changes around you, you will remain focused on your goals and determined to achieve the dreams you have been striving for so long.

The universe will give you the strength to face life’s changes with confidence. Nothing can distract you from your focus, you are determined and purposeful. You will find peace mostly in nature during this period, your guardian angels will be with you, and will never let anything bad happen to you.

Mantra for Autumn 2023: Nothing scares me anymore; I fight for my dreams and I promise not to give up until I get to where I want to be.


Get ready for a truly special autumn. You are a sensitive person who is always willing to help and give love. You’ll receive divine protection in the months ahead, as well as the gentle embrace of the bright Moon. As the days shorten, warmth and compassion will move into your heart, giving a sense of security and strength to those around you.

The security of your loved ones becomes important to you, and you are ready to provide emotional support to those who are going through a difficult period.

Mantra for Autumn 2023: I trust my intuition because it guides me on the right path.


Are you ready for a fairytale autumn? The universe is more supportive than ever. You’re known to be an intense and deeply emotional person, and you’ll be especially flooded with protective energies during these autumn months. You will experience beautiful changes that will help you to be reborn, and a new chapter in your life will begin.

As the world around you struggles with the changes of autumn, you will only thrive and flourish. You are a protector of secrets and deep emotions, not afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and you are able to evolve. Spread your wings and fly as high as you can, as nothing bad can happen to you in this period.

Mantra for Autumn 2023: Time to embrace the present and make plans for a wonderful future.

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