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It happens every year around this time: couples breaking up before the holidays

As the holidays approach, emotions fly high, and it does happen that re-evaluation of a relationship leads to a breakup. What should you do if you are the one who got into this situation? We can help with some ideas.

1. Enjoy your family

If you still have time off, pack a bigger suitcase and spend more time with your family this year.

It may happen that you will be much more sensitive than usual during the preparation for the holiday, but it is sure much better to experience it intensely than to have to overcome your pain in the rush of everyday life.

You can be yourself around your family, so try to spend as much time with them as possible to regain your happy, childlike self.

2. Find a new hobby

There is no such thing as a breakup without misgivings and pangs of regret, but it’s easier to get out and take your mind off your pain on a summer evening than in cold, harsh weather. You don’t have to force the parties on yourself and swim against the tide, but it can help if you plan your evenings rather than just accept whatever happens.

If you don’t want to participate social events, you can make yourself busy at home. For example, present your loved ones with handmade surprises this year.

Making these takes a lot of time, and you will have to visit several shops to get the raw materials.

DIY activities, whether it’s painting, sewing or crafting, help you break away from everyday life and focus on the present.

3. Travel to a new place

During this period, it is very important to be surrounded by people with whom you feel good and who have a positive effect on you.

Regardless of the season, it can be a good idea to go on a trip together with such people to gain new experiences without your ex, thus confirming that you are capable of happiness without him.

This is not an escapist reaction, but accumulating positive experiences to balance the negative ones.

4. Give a gift to yourself

Most people only buy gifts for their loved ones before Christmas. This year break this habit and surprise yourself with something you’ve been wanting for a long time.

Then organize your closet. Consider this activity as a symbolic tidying up in your life, and you can even bring joy to others by doing it.

Clothing items you don’t wear anymore, or objects with memories attached to them that you don’t want to think about, can be given to an organization, which are particularly happy about any donation before Christmas.

5. Do more of the activities you love

In your relationship, you had to make quite a few compromises, and sometimes you gave up the pastimes that are dear to you. Now this era is over for a while.

Give space to your favorite activities, do what you love and what brings you the most joy. You may discover new hobbies in the meantime, and thus learn even more about yourself.

Before you even notice, and the period of self-discovery begins, and by the time you’re over the year, it becomes clear for you what would make you truly happy.

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