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How to grow lavender indoors

Lavender traditionally is not grown indoors, but it is a favorite in many gardens. If you don’t have a garden, you can move it into your home, but you need to make sure to pay attention to a few aspects. Lavender can live outdoors without any particular demands, but indoors it requires some special care to stay healthy and beautiful.

Lavender is a Mediterranean herb, so it is not difficult to guess that it requires plenty of sunshine. In fact, the reason why it is often ruined in an apartment is mostly the lack of light. Make sure you place the pot in a southern window, preferably on a small table or an individual flower stand, so it has enough space to grow.

Choosing the right sized pot is also an important factor in growing lavender successfully. The ideal pot is only a few centimeters taller than the root ball of the plant. In a larger pot there is too much unnecessary soil, from where the roots don’t absorb up moisture, the soil remains wet, and the roots quickly start rotting.

How to grow lavender indoors

It is advisable to obtain a clay pot for lavender because it has the best drainage and thus prevents the rotting of the roots.

Although lavender likes high temperatures, never expose it to high heat. This is especially true in winter, when it is advisable to move the lavender to the coolest room in the apartment.

During winter you shouldn’t force the growth of the plant, as it needs the resting period. Water only if the soil is dry.

It is advisable to choose a kind of lavender that grows to a smaller size and doesn’t become too bushy.

French lavender is the easiest to grow indoors. Although it is not as fragrant as English lavender, it can adapt much better to indoor conditions. In the spring, after the last frosts, you can move the pot onto the terrace.

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