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Love and generosity: top 5 zodiac signs that wear their heart on their sleeve in love

Each individual sign has a specific way of being and loving and, depending on their life experiences and personal degree of spiritual and emotional evolution, expresses love in a certain way in their life. However, there are a few zodiac signs that are able to love in a single way: purely, unconditionally, without half-measures, with great generosity, giving themselves and giving all that is best and most beautiful. Do you belong to one of these signs?

1. Cancer

The Cancer is the leader of all zodiac signs when it comes to emotional generosity and their ability to give themselves fully and without restraint. He has an extraordinary capacity to love and invest his emotional energy into a loving relationship, especially if it eventually leads to marriage, establishing a family and long-term stability.

A Cancer’s feelings towards the person with whom they are in a relationship and with whom they take on a journey in life can only be very deep, very intense and the passion lasts as long as they live.

The sign of Cancer is completely and totally devoted to the person they love and their connection with them, they are open and willing to constantly improve their relationship and regard nothing as superficial when it comes to matters of the heart, even if they love to laugh, joke, dance, travel, live life to the fullest and playfully with their loved one.

A Cancer offers his or her whole soul in a relationship and in return longs for trust, respect, stability, affection, and a reciprocity of feelings. They are at the same time gentle, permissive, understanding, conciliatory and tolerant with their partner, but also willing to compromise.

2. Virgo

Virgo is another sign that forgets any safeguards or precautions when they fall in love and lets all their walls down, baring their soul to their loved one. A Virgo reveals their soul, along with all their vulnerabilities and their good and bad character traits. They give their trust unconditionally and believe with all their strength in her loved one.

A Virgo gives you the freedom to be you, to fulfill your dreams and to grow. If they see any gaps in you, they will help you fill them with the richness of their own emotional fullness. They would be willing to go to great lengths for the sake, happiness, and smile of the one they love and want to be all for them: their friend, confidant, lover, spouse, a soul who matters and who is loved, seen, appreciated and respected.

To a Virgo it matters to have shared passions and similar values with their other half, and they strive for equality and harmony in a relationship, find it important to constantly learn something from each other, and look for an abundance of rich, deep, and meaningful conversations. Take care not to break the heart of this emotionally generous zodiac sign and love them as they love you, with reciprocity and full-hearted, total commitment!

Love and generosity: top 5 zodiac signs that wear their heart on their sleeve in love

3. Aquarius

You may be surprised to learn that the sign of Aquarius is one of the top zodiac signs that pour their hearts out in love. Apparently, Aquarius is a laid-back, independent and self-sufficient sign, rarely falling in love and content to be in the company of others. You are right, as Aquarius can love in so many ways and is perfectly capable of living in complete happiness even without romantic love in their life.

On the other hand, when they fall in love (and their love deepens especially because they fall in love quite hard when they do), an Aquarius is able to give themselves with a strength and passion rarely seen and more than likely his feelings will last a lifetime.

When an Aquarius loves you, you can be sure that, despite life’s circumstances, you will always have a place reserved in their heart and memories. Aquarius natives extraordinarily honest and courageous in love relationships. They offer their love with a rare emotional richness, overwhelming their partner with gestures and actions that show the strength and durability of their feelings.

In addition, thanks to their humanitarian generosity and flexibility, Aquarius is that life partner who will support you unconditionally, so you can be sure that you will be able to blossom, to shine, to evolve, and to reach your potential.

4. Pisces

The sign of Pisces is a sign of people who do not know how and do not want to love with only half of their heart. For them, loving is giving all or nothing. Once they fall in love, they throw into the relationship everything they are and exactly the way they are. They do not believe in material love at all, even though finances generally play a key role in their existence.

Even though there is a risk that their feelings may not be fully reciprocated, and they may suffer because of the unconditional way they love, Pisces often manage to change and touch the lives and hearts of those they love. The moment they make the decision to love someone, they will never look back. Pisces natives are transforming others because of their capacity for giving, the kindness of their soul, the creativity and effervescence of their way of being. It is from Pisces that you learn best how to love and what love should look like.

The Pisces native teaches you the power of a touch or encouragement given in a difficult situation, or of a smile when you need cheering-up. They know how to listen, give sincere compliments, encourage, give the best advice and love from the bottom of their heart even though they may seem reserved, for that is what they do best.

5. Taurus

Taurus, this beautiful earth sign, offers their whole soul when in love. They are a true master of expressing their love romantically, emotionally, and physically. When you are truly loved by a Taurus, you feel appreciated, adored, respected, admired and supported in achieving your dreams.

Taurus is a pragmatic, responsible sign that is well grounded in reality and the present but endowed with an uncommon nobility of soul. They are warm, genuine, protective, fair, and well-mannered and attentive to the desires and needs of their life partner, although they quite often prefer the game of love to be played by their own rules.

The Taurus native will always be there for you, eager to support you, to provide comfort and stability in material and financial senses too, as both of these are important aspects for him. Often, for the sake of their loved one, a Taurus is willing to put themselves second without reproach or expecting anything in return. Because of this, if they are betrayed, they will suffer immensely.

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