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The incredible hybrid solar eclipse and the first of 2023 (19-20 April in Aries): defeating karma and planting the seed of hope in our soul from which something fabulous could grow

On 20 April 2023 the first solar eclipse of this year will occur. This will be no ordinary astral phenomenon, but a very rare one, because it is a so-called hybrid solar eclipse, also known as Ningaloo, a name of aboriginal origin. We invite you to find out how this extraordinary astral event affects us depending on our sign, what energies it brings and how to face its challenges.

First solar eclipse of 2023 – hybrid solar eclipse

The first solar eclipse of 2023 takes place on April 19-20 in the 12th house of Aries, and is also a rare astral event because it is a hybrid eclipse – meaning that in some parts of the world it will be seen as a total eclipse and in others as a ring eclipse. It is also called Ningaloo (a word of aboriginal origin).

Influences of the 19-20 April solar eclipse: an open portal to new realities

This astral event will carry with it the powerful energies brought by the sign of Aries, but at the same time it holds the mystery of all eclipses.

As a result, each of us will feel influences related mainly to our personal life (eclipse), but also to something new (brought by the sign of Aries).

The astrologer urges us to be attentive to the inner messages, our own intuition or body messages, those that only we can intercept and understand, because they belong to us completely.

It may be certain signs that sharpen our intuition, perhaps messages from the body that show us either that something is wrong or that it could be better.

But we need to take a break from all those activities and worries that distract us and prevent us from having this dialogue with ourselves.

The consequences of this inner dialogue, unique to each one of us, are the motivation to start something new. In practice, certain doors open up for us, and we get great ideas that we can put into practice immediately or years later.

But what is very important is that we plant the seed of hope, for something we really want, a seed that will one day grow and give birth to beautiful and valuable events in our lives.

The energy of this eclipse also helps and supports us to better connect with ourselves, it stimulates our senses and intuition. Some of us may even have a series of premonitions or experience situations that may seem paranormal. Dreams are another powerful tool through which we receive messages, so if you have any strange dreams during this period that catch your attention or stir your emotions, it is best not to ignore them, but to try to understand what they refer to in your life, what they relate to.

As the energies of the Eclipse flow, use them to set your next intentions, visualize your desired outcome, look at things in a new way, and stay open/connected to the abundance of the Universe. This is an energetic time that will guide us to the next chapter of our soul journey.

Why is it important that we talk about a hybrid eclipse? Hybrid eclipses are incredibly rare and can suggest a transition or perhaps a shift between two worlds – ours and others, past and new reality, etc. Just as the eclipse transitions from Total to Annular, perhaps something in our lives is preparing to change radically.

Aries is a fire sign, and the fire element that lives in all of us gives us strength, courage, passion and determination. When it burns too brightly, however, the fire element can lead to anger, attacks or even destruction, and we can become too impulsive or ego-driven.

We will therefore need to balance our urges and emotions at all times in order to keep the balance between inaction and the devastating power of the fire within.

Balancing our own inner fire can be a theme around this Eclipse. We may feel the energy of Aries pushing us to push ourselves, to venture into the new, into the unknown, and at the same time find the confidence to step through the new doors that are opening for us. But we may also need to take a step back, tame our egos, take responsibility for any brokenness and reconsider the voice of our hearts.

Whether the inner fire needs to be stoked or tamed, this Eclipse will be our guide, helping us move into a new state of being or perhaps even a new reality.

Aries solar eclipse at 29th degree, a karmically intense event

April’s solar eclipse falls at 29 degrees in Aries, the final degree of the zodiac. The final degree of any zodiac sign is considered a highly charged and karmic point and is known as the anaretic degree.

The appearance of a Solar Eclipse at such a zodiacal point indicates a strong karmic involvement with the events that are about to unfold, especially the assimilation of painful lessons, the closing of a chapter in our lives, leaving room for a new beginning. We must remember that big changes and transformations are neither comfortable nor easy, but they are extremely necessary.

Eclipses have long been known to bring fated or karmic events, but this April eclipse seems especially connected to the divine realms.

Also, the 29th degree is considered a point of highest consciousness, where we are able to integrate all the lessons of that zodiac sign and operate from its highest expression, which calls us to courage, assumption, confidence, action, power of expression, passion and leadership.

Solar Eclipse 19-20 April 2023: tips for the zodiac signs

– During this period, you will feel more than ever that you are the architect of your own life. Identify yourself, be true to yourself, take action;
– Have the courage to do and say what you feel, but don’t neglect the consequences. Taking them on is a karmic lesson;
– Listen to your inner voice and accept whatever hurts you. You are at a karmic crossroads and it’s time to assimilate your lessons, let go of the pain and make the saving change;
– Listen to your inner voice, lean into your dreams, stay connected to your body. Don’t ignore the inner messages;
– Dare to make room for the new in your life;
– Every time you feel yourself losing control, seek to rebalance. Aries influences can be very powerful and need to be kept in check.

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