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Top 3 happiest zodiac signs. Are you one of them?

Find out which are the happiest zodiac signs. Are you curious to find out if you’re one of them?

Nobody and nothing can defeat these signs. They have an incredible inner strength that helps them get up off the ground and continue their journey through life with a smile on their lips and happiness in their hearts.

Some people never let life get them down. They are cheerful most of the time and even always manage to put a smile on other people’s face (even in less than happy situations). It doesn’t matter if they’re dealing with serious problems at work or facing a few personal or even emotional obstacles, they never seem to be in a bad mood.

Why are they always happy? It’s very simple! They know that it’s the little things that really matter in life, they appreciate every moment when their soul is happy and their heart is at peace, and they see every moment on this earth as a gift from the Universe. They are grateful for what they experience, enjoy the present and don’t shy away when difficult situations arise. They accept everything for what it is and move on.

Here are the top 3 happiest zodiac signs:

1. Libra

The quiet Libra has a clear purpose in life: they want to find their ultimate harmony and balance. To maintain their happiness, they avoid difficult confrontations and less-than-pleasant situations that can bring them disappointment. There is no room in their life for drama, arguments or conflict. Even if they don’t always seem happy, they are content with the life they live and are always grateful to the Universe for the positive emotions they feel.

What are the times when a Libra is happiest? When they give their time to help people in need. Their idealistic personality lends to a desire to serve and make those around them as happy as they can – especially when it comes to the relationships that really matter (the ones with the people they truly care about). Finding balance doesn’t just mean that Libra is happy, it means that everyone around them is happy.


The person born under the sign of Pisces is known to be a real emotional sponge, which means they absorb the energy of the people around them. For this reason, they are always looking for cheerful, fun-loving, adventurous friends. When they are in the environment where they feel good (and where they need to be), the Pisces person absorbs joy and positive energy and radiates happiness.

What are the times when a Pisces native is happiest? When surrounded by the people they care about because those moments are the ones that really matter to them. As long as they spend time with family members and close friends, they will be able to focus only on the full side of the glass.


Gemini know that happiness is a choice… and they choose it every time. Day by day, moment by moment. This incredible sign is full of enthusiasm and excitement and sees life as a gift from the Universe. Curious by nature, the Gemini native is interested in everything that happens, in all people, in everything that is new… and thus makes every day a real adventure.

If something isn’t right or they feel it doesn’t make them happy, they give up and go in search of that “something better”. Because they are always on the go, they don’t obsess about problems and don’t get stuck in the past.

Gemini love to smile and laugh and for this reason all people want to be around them. What are the times when Gemini is happiest? When they try something new. For them every experience is special and they live it with all their heart.

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