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The full moon on 17 January teaches us what forgiveness means. The mantra of your zodiac sign for the next period

We are at a new start hoping for a better life. The full moon on 17 January is the first full moon of 2022 and it will shine brighter than ever, fighting the darkness. It comes to remind us that everything in life is fleeting. The universe offers us another opportunity to break this difficult cycle we are in, to get out of the rut of suffering, to get rid of anxiety, anger and fear, and to move away from the past for good.

The full moon on January 17 rises in the sign of Cancer, a stubborn, self-confident, independent, mature sign with big dreams and huge ideals.

About moon cycles and how they affect our energy

The moon moves in cycles. Each cycle lasts 28 days. The moon follows its unique path over the 28 days, moving through a zodiac sign (or constellation) every 2-3 days. The cycle begins when the moon is new (invisible to the naked eye). During the new cycle, it slowly grows until it becomes a full, extremely powerful moon with incredible energies – at this time we all feel erratic emotions, strange moods and feelings that are difficult to describe.

When the full moon is high up in the sky, we tend to feel heightened emotions, and have big dreams and beautiful visions of the future we want. We are ready to live the life we have been dreaming of.

At new moon we set our intentions and plant the seeds of manifestation, and at full moon we take advantage of the seeds we have grown. This is the time when life brings us new experiences and circumstances that help us get closer to our goals. The full moon can attract all the things we want in our lives.

That’s why the Universe advises us to focus on the positive changes we want to make in our lives during the full moon. At this time, it is good to turn our attention to the incredible energy we receive from the cosmos. At this time, we can let go easier of negative habits and toxic attachments and are able to attract divine abundance and begin a new chapter in our lives.

The mantra of each zodiac sign for the coming period


I accept my feelings and emotions as they are, as they come, whether they cause pain or joy. They define and build me up, teach me to forgive and help me find love, peace and fulfilment every day.


Happiness begins with me. The happier my soul is, the more happiness I have to share with others. Happiness in the world truly begins with me.


I’m learning to be patient and stop rushing things. I stop fighting windmills and let the Universe show me the right path for me because I know it has a much better plan than what I can imagine by myself.


I deserve happiness and abundance. I deserve prosperity. I deserve the best. I deserve a wonderful present and a bright future. Today I fight to have everything I want.


I have the courage to make the change I dream of. All my dreams will come true when I take one small step forward. Today is that day. I promise myself to trust myself and not give up on what I want no matter how big the obstacles seem that stand in my way.


I am strong and I know I will succeed in everything I set my mind to. I take advantage of the beginning of this year to make the changes I’ve been afraid of until now. I trust myself and my intuition to guide me every step I take.


I have learned the important lessons the past year wanted me to learn, have closed an incredible chapter of my life, will keep the good memories and move on with my life. I’m convinced that the next period will be a special one.


This is a new beginning and new chance for me to be happy. I now let go of the past and focus on what is to come. The future sounds incredibly good.


I fight for what I want and I’m not afraid to fail. Failure is just an opportunity to learn important lessons, to start over, this time with a new mindset.


I promise to detach myself from the past. I forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made and forgive those who have wronged me. I no longer hold grudges because there is no room in my soul for such ugly feelings.


I know what I want in life and I no longer allow anyone to change my plans or shape my future. I fight for my dreams and don’t give up until I see them fulfilled. I am strong and I have faith in myself.


I choose to be honest with myself; to figure out who I really am and what I want out of life. I try to understand what makes me happy so I can strive harder for those things and bring peace back into my life.

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