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What you need to do before you eat pizza

We can be very grateful to the Italians that they invented pizza. But just like any other irresistible hot foods topped with sauce such as steaks or pasta sauces, pizza can cause burns when one just can’t wait to bite into a steaming, delicious-smelling, spicy pizza slice.

How can you avoid burning your tongue with pizza?

Doctor Mary Anne White, chemistry professor at Dalhousie University shares some useful ideas about the burning problem of eating fresh and hot pizza.

1. Chew on some ice before enjoying pizza. The thermal energy released by the pizza will have to gradually warm up your chilled mouth, so the majority of the heat will be used up.

2. Wipe some of the sauce off the pizza slice with a napkin. Sauces generally retain the most heat.

3. If you slice the pizza, use a cold blade. Slip the knife between the crust and the cheese, so the metal may absorb some of the heat.

4. Bite into the pizza making sure that the hot sauce or cheese doesn’t touch the inside of your mouth immediately.

What you need to do before you eat pizza

If you’ve already burned your mouth, you know the classic recipe: drink some cold milk.

P.S.: It is extremely important that, if you burn your mouth, avoid consuming hot or spicy and hot foods and drinking acidic beverages for 3 days. It is a big mistake to try to cool your mouth with an acidic drink after eating spicy food.

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