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Great autumn love horoscope 2022: the planets predict passionate encounters

The planets indicate a lot of passion and a strengthening of love energies throughout the autumn, which could bring a great reunion in the lives of many people – even in an existing relationship, where the parties will have the chance to become close again. Great autumn love horoscope.

We’ve already written about the significance of the retrograde planets, and they can trigger important changes in our lives. Mercury turns in Libra, the sign of relationships. Important issues are now on the table. Jupiter is in Aries until October 28, fulfilling our desires. On October 30, Mars begins its retrograde motion in Gemini, which also marks important turning points. Let’s see what this indicates for each sign in love for the autumn months.

Aries Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

You’re generous and selfless in love, never loving half-heartedly, using all the props of passion when you want to conquer. At the beginning of a relationship, you love the period of seduction. That being said, you can also be loyal, passionate and deeply emotional. As a single person, autumn favors all aspects of your private life, and you can once again enjoy the role of the true conqueror. You want a relationship in which you can enjoy the live-and-let-live principle as well as hot passions. This time of year could be the time for your desire to be fulfilled. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, now is the time to be full of joy. Autumn can be spent in harmony and happiness.

Taurus Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

Comfort, peace and stability are very important for a Taurus. You are full of confidence, but at the same time you are very realistic, always setting your goals within reach. You have a sensual nature: in a relationship, sexuality and intimacy are your priorities, but you are also a loyal and reliable person – stability is particularly important to you. Intimate conversations and candlelit dinners promise lovely experiences in the autumn. With a partner who offers you the security you desire, you will be fully charged with the energy of love. Your inner harmony is enhanced by your unconditional, mutual acceptance of each other.

Gemini Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

Gemini is the sign of connection, helpful and open-minded. You are genuinely curious about the other person’s thoughts and opinions: this genuine attention and interest makes it very easy to connect with you. What can be a problem for you, however, is overcoming emotional reticence. A Gemini sign native often has to learn through hard lessons to let go of passion. With the onset of autumn, a stressful period begins, as the effect of the difficulties brought by the positions of Uranus, Mars and Saturn. This period lasts until mid-September, when the planets start showing a friendlier face. You will find peace of mind at this time, but until then try to control yourself, as contradictions are hard to tolerate. In love, you can really expect better days from October onwards, when fate will make up for the difficulties.

Cancer Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

This zodiac sign is one of the most sensitive signs. If you were born under the sign of Cancer, the past, your roots, family and attachments are important to you. You are likely to find it difficult to let go in many cases. Your ruling planet is the ever-changing Moon – your moods and emotions have been going through ups and downs all your life, and that’s why you crave a safe place. This usually means a relationship, a family. September is a month of slightly stormy but all the more passionate emotions in an important relationship. You have a strong need for variety, which you try to satisfy by building new relationships. Inner restlessness and somewhat rash actions are also a feature of early October, but then you will find peace of mind again. The second half of autumn brings back true happiness and love.

Leo Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

You have the ability to make a love relationship magical and make your partner feel truly special. You are prone to theatrics, grand revelations, impressive gifts and grand gestures. Feedback from your partner is extremely important to you, as you like to be admired and to be given tangible proof of the admiration. Although you need stimuli from the outside world, you are fundamentally a loyal person – and you demand absolute loyalty from your partner. This autumn, you are initially focusing your energies on an important matter or work, so tensions may arise in your emotional life. Your partner is already seriously offended, but you manage to calm him or her down. By the second half of October, with a lot of love, all tensions and arguments can be resolved. For singles, this period will bring beautiful love.

Virgo Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

You find it difficult to open up, but if someone has managed to get close to your heart, you will return the feelings with deep love. You are very sensitive if you were born under this sign. Your feelings are deep, but their expression is restrained: this smothered smoldering, however, is persistent and eternal. Virgo’s love language is the will to do: you express your love by being attentive, by taking action, by doing a lot for the sake of others. Autumn can bring storm clouds at the beginning: you put your career before your private life, or vice versa, your partner neglects you, and this causes a crisis. Your marriage may be in a cooler mood. You’re showing restraint, but under the surface there’s a volcano ready to erupt… However, the problems will slowly subside and things will slowly turn for the better. By October, harmony and love will reign in your family. You have passionate feelings for your partner, and a very subtle spiritual connection is awakening between you.

Libra Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

If you were born under the sign of Libra, you are likely to have a very important goal, which is love. Everything revolves around love for you. A relationship can only be fulfilling for you if you can communicate as equals and agree on the most important issues. You can’t stand heated arguments or door-slamming fights for long. You are very peace-loving and diplomatic, always listening to others. In autumn, your need for harmony becomes even more pronounced. You will also have a great need for peace and calm in your home, and you want to nip arguments in the bud. You should also remember that you need to talk out problems in time to improve them. In October your artistic ability and sense of beauty will be enhanced by Venus in Libra. Your good taste will make your home an island of love. Your relationship with your partner is very harmonious. In the second half of the month, when Venus and the Sun move into Scorpio, you will also push your boundaries more and more, which will help you to maintain and develop a healthy relationship.

Scorpio Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

You approach the world subjectively, and you always make decisions based upon your feelings. You are highly empathetic and easily offended, and extremely sensitive to stimuli from the outside world. As a Scorpio, in sexuality you seek not just pleasure, but always something more: self-giving, mysticism, a union of souls. What makes love really special is that you can understand the other person in their fullness. You have a very strong charisma; you don’t like half solutions. In the autumn you sometimes feel the waves crashing over your head again, but as a Scorpio you know the highs and the lows. You know that spiritual and mental rebirth comes after catharsis, and it always happens at a higher level. Your partner will be difficult to handle at this time. Be patient and understanding with him or her and you will help your own situation. If you’re single, the planets are pointing to a great love affair at the end of October.

Sagittarius Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

As a Sagittarius, you seek the ideal in your relationship, as well as in all other areas of your life. The lucky chosen one will have to fit your high standards, because you aren’t inclined to lower them. You find it hard to be tied down, even though you crave a secure backdrop to which you can always return. In return, you’re fiery, enthusiastic and passionate, with a sincere heart and feelings, a good sense of humor and a great need for love, for which you are willing to make sacrifices if necessary. Autumn will bring pleasant experiences, although your partner’s jealousy may reappear. You need to clarify facts or misunderstandings with them, otherwise conflicts between you may escalate. If you are single, you may find a partner in the autumn. A new acquaintance could turn into a big, happy love affair. Sagittarians in a long-term relationship will find the real cause of their problems by November: from then on, nothing will stand in the way of happiness.

Capricorn Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

Capricorns are loving and affectionate, but they are discerning about who they meet and befriend and who they let into their life. This somewhat cool detachment is often noticeable at first glance to outsiders. You are dutiful, responsible, traditional and family-oriented. You like to be in control in a relationship. A Capricorn woman is an elegant seductress who can achieve her goals without appearing overbearing or pushy. In autumn, your love life and marriage may be full of serious arguments at times, but after some quarrels, reconciliation will be sweet. You long for love and intimate togetherness, but now there are serious problems in your home and family life. The tension is due to your partner’s unjustified jealousy, and you are finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate. Fortunately, you will be able to sort out the problems and in November you can look forward to a happy and peaceful November. If you’re still looking for a partner, the planets suggest that autumn will be the time to put lonely nights behind you, as a new love will change your life.

Aquarius Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

Aquarius, like the air element signs in general, lives in a world of ideas. You tend to repress your feelings because you are afraid of them, afraid of being confused by pure thoughts. If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, you most certainly don’t fake feelings, you only say what you really feel. You don’t have to worry about being caught in a lie, it’s your excessive honesty that can sometimes cause awkward moments in your relationships. You are never a mere lover, but rather a soulmate who values real togetherness much more than love games. In autumn you are a little afraid of being alone and abandoned, but fortunately the stars will soon bring harmony into your emotional life. In October, the Sun in Libra will be in your sign, giving you a favorable angle of light and replenishing your physical, mental and spiritual energies. Your marriage or relationship will be in perfect harmony from now on, and previous misunderstandings will be cleared up. You will end the autumn emotionally satisfied and happy.

Pisces Autumn Love Horoscope 2022

As a Pisces, you have a natural instinct for giving and selfless love, and as a water sign, you are also very emotional. You may be inclined to put the desires and interests of others before your own. One side of you is very easily connected to others – you are easy to get to know and flirt with, but you find it hard to tolerate if your partner is possessive. In the autumn, work problems can put your personal life on the back burner at first, but from October onwards, your marriage or relationship will be a passionate place to be again. In November, the Sun in Sagittarius brings out your optimism and selflessness. Your emotional life is characterized by the fact that you see your partner as an equal, your marriage is built on love and affection, as this is clearly evident now.

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