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A very touching moment – Emil can see his mother for the first time in his life

When a baby looks at her mom, she feels safe, and she sees the most wonderful creature who means everything in the world to her. When she hurts, is hungry or feels alone and she notices her mom’s face, her smile shows a perfect happiness.

It is terrible to think what the baby misses if she is not able to see her mother. However, life can sometimes be cruel, and babies are born with very weak eyes. But thanks to the medical science and advanced technology, in our days many eye problems can be dealt with successfully. The little Emil’s case is a wonderful example. It was an exceptional moment in his life when he got his +7 glasses and could see his mother’s face for the first time in his life.

The first moments of happiness were recorded in the video, and many thousands of people were touched by the heartwarming moment. Christine, the mother shared the touching recording on her Instagram page.

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