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Bloating: five drinks that help you get rid of discomfort

In the following, we will present five drinks, including teas and smoothies, that can help you get rid of discomfort caused by bloating.

Bloating is not exactly the most comfortable thing that can happen to you during the day; unfortunately, it can be caused by several factors, including unhealthy eating habits such as eating too fast and consuming carbonated drinks, foods that produce gas, or foods rich in lactose, habits that may all have unpleasant consequences.

Green tea prevents bloating

Unsweetened green tea helps speed up metabolism and acts as a prebiotic. It can be consumed both hot and cold.

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Water with lemon or cucumber

We know that it is ideal to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach or a glass of water with lemon juice first thing in the morning. You can also try a different mixture to enjoy a completely different taste and stimulate your metabolism by mixing plain water and some cucumber juice.

Watermelon smoothie

A smoothie made from fresh watermelon can be an ideal choice thanks to the high content of water and potassium. In addition, this smoothie is an efficient remedy against bloating and contains very few calories.

Mint tea helps get rid of bloating

Mint has many health benefits. It relieves cramps and relaxes the body, and it is ideal for getting rid of bloating. The tea tastes delicious when made with fresh mint and set aside to infuse for a few minutes.

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Pineapple frappe

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that reduces inflammation and stimulates digestion. A glass of fresh pineapple frappe can help you get rid of bloating, and you can also enjoy the completely unique taste.

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