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5 reasons to wear socks when you sleep

The first written mentioning of socks dates back to the antiquity, when their main purpose was to keep the feet warm and make shoes more comfortable. In the meantime, however, other uses for socks have been discovered.

Five reasons why it is good to sleep in socks, and how you can benefit from this habit

1. Socks help you fall asleep faster

Studies have shown that if you wear socks at night, you sleep better because your feet are kept warm, and your brain receives the message that your body temperature needs to drop. This message is always associated with the command it’s time to sleep.

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2. Prevent Raynaud’s disease

In Raynaud’s disease, blood does not circulate properly in the body. The disease can be caused by factors such as stress or low temperatures, and leads to numbness of the limbs or sudden pain and cramps. Wearing socks regulates body temperature by creating an insulating layer.

5 reasons to wear socks when you sleep

3. Warm socks keep you healthy

Because sleeping in socks lowers body temperature and helps improve blood circulation, you will sleep better and more peacefully, and more sleep means better health and more energy.

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4. Wearing socks while sleeping prevents heatstroke

In general, heatstroke is caused by hormonal changes and the imbalance of internal temperature regulation. Wearing socks at night prevents hot flashes, especially in menopausal women.

5. Wearing socks prevents dry heels

If you have dry feet or cracked heels, wearing socks will help keep your feet hydrated. First apply an oil or moisturizer and then pull on socks before going to bed. You can also use gloves to make sure that overnight moisturizer stays on your hands instead of ending up on the sheets.

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