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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

His aunt recorded him singing Whitney Houston’s song. The captured images has become viral

Passion for music knows no limits, even when someone is slightly different from others. This little boy likes very much to sing and he does it with a lot of passion. His aunt filmed him while singing against the backdrop of a famous song.

Dane Miller is the name of a 9 year old boy from Prosper, Texas, and in the recording he is singing I Have Nothing, originally sung by the late Whitney Houston. The boy suffers from Down Syndrome, but this doesn’t prevent him from expressing his joy and enthusiasm over a truly magical musical piece.

The clip posted on Facebook has collected 20 million views so far. The reactions and comments were very positive, and this encouraged other families with Down Syndrome children to post their photos. These children are special in their own way and express themselves in a way that often gives us real lessons of life.

Darren, Dane’s father says that Dane always tries to do such things: he sings, plays basketball or football, always creates a show wherever he goes and loves to put smiles on people’s faces. The father initiated a channel on Youtube called “Amazing Dane,” where he will continue to post other adorable videos of his son.

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