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4 zodiac signs that will be lucky in love in 2021

2021 promises to be positive for all 12 star signs. But as far as love is concerned the following signs will be the most fortunate, because they will have every chance of finding their soul mates thanks to the planet Jupiter.

1. Gemini

You can have not one, but two chances to meet your love in 2021. In the first half of the year, fate may bring you together with a person whose energies create incredible attraction. In October-November, however, you will get to know a person you can imagine your whole life with, and you will almost certainly marry him and start a family.

2. Leo

As Jupiter strengthens the energies of love, you will find the one who captivates your heart and makes you happy by the end of the year. You need to prepare yourself for happiness, open up your heart and allow the forces of love to find you. Venus will be your helper in 2021.

3. Sagittarius

As far as love is concerned, you will be a winner in 2021. Jupiter, the great benefactor, and the sign of love, Venus, will both help you. At the beginning of the year you may meet your soul mate that you are compatible with in every area. Always try to prolong moments of happiness.

4. Aquarius

At the end of the year you may encounter some emotional tension, but when spring comes and the days start warming up, everything will calm down and the energies of love will intensify in your life. Even during the autumn months, you will get every chance from the Universe to find happiness.

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