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3 zodiac signs who have been favored by Fortune from birth

Some zodiac signs had a good luck spell cast on them at birth.

Born under a lucky sign is an expression we like to use to describe those who for some reason are truly favored by Fortune, but there’s no explanation for their good luck other than they were born under the right sign. This is true especially for the following signs.


Gemini has an instinctive talent for influencing others. They can find and open doors to people’s hearts in a way no other zodiac sign can, which gives them invisible help to get where they want and achieve their goals.

They are also blessed with excellent communication skills, they know when, what and how to say what is in their best interests, although they are often unaware of this; it is simply their nature to find the best way and are therefore fortunate to have the sixth sense of how to convince others to side with them.


The power of creative thought is immense, so it’s no surprise that a Leo is a lucky person, because they believe themselves to be so. They see themselves as masters of the universe from childhood, and this kind of confidence gives them the drive to rise higher and higher.

Moreover, this is a zodiac of opportunity, and Lions take every opportunity to prove themselves. They can, therefore, be seen as the sons of fortune, because their risk-taking often pays off.


The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, also known as the planet of luck, which is part of the reason why the sign’s native is always referred to as the lucky one.

However, it should also be remembered that a Sagittarius, like a Leo, is not afraid to try new things, can go with the flow, and this kind of fearlessness often ends up with some positive rewards.

This is true not only for work, but also for investments and even relationships, and Sagittarians are willing to try out everything that may bring them benefits.

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