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Stop throwing eggshells in the garbage! Here’s how you can turn them into plant fertilizer

Whether the eggs you eat have been bought from a store or have been produced by your own chickens, the eggshells should not be thrown away, as they can be used as a very efficient fertilizer for many types of plants.

The main substance that makes up the eggshell is calcium carbonate, a compound that is easily absorbed by plants. Eggshells also contain phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.

What plants can benefit from fertilization with eggshells?

Besides tomatoes, other vegetables that respond well to a treatment with eggshells are:

  • peppers;
  • eggplants;
  • potatoes;
  • carrots;
  • onions;
  • lettuce.

The trees that will be grateful for this fertilizer are mainly cherries.

Stop throwing eggshells in the garbage! Here’s how you can turn them into plant fertilizer

How are eggshells prepared?

First of all, wash the shells, remove egg residues and membranes, and allow the clean shells to dry by leaving them for 1-2 days on a paper towel in the sun or in a warm place. When they are completely dry, grind or crush them into powder.

If you want to use the eggshells right away, you can dry them in the oven at 180 degrees C for 10-15 minutes.

The shells of boiled eggs contain less nutrients than raw eggshells.

Eggshell fertilizer is also very beneficial against pests.

For grinding, you can use a coffee, sugar or even a meat grinder.

Spray mixture:

  • 5 eggshells
  • 1 l water

Mix the two ingredients in a jar, then close the jar and set aside for a week. Stir at least once a day. You can sprinkle the mixture onto the plants or you can simply water the soil of plants as usual.

To improve growth:

Mix eggshell powder with soil in which you will grow young plants. You may also mix eggshell powder directly into the soil before planting.

For protection against pests, you can place eggshell pieces next to seedlings. A mixture of oil and eggshell powder is also very helpful against pests.

Cabbage, spinach, beans and cucumbers don’t need eggshell fertilizer, as these plants contain enough calcium.

Well-washed and dried shells can be stored in a cool place for up to a year.

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