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Zodiac signs that will be unlucky in love in 2021

A beautiful and strong relationship is on the wish list of many zodiac signs in 2021, but not all will enjoy fulfillment in love. Disaster strikes when they least expect it, and it will be extremely difficult for some zodiac signs to recover and believe in love again.

Dark days are forecast for four zodiac signs. They may be betrayed by the people they trusted the most, and their lives may crumble in just a few moments. Betrayal, lies and suffering may take the place of smiles, hugs and kisses. However, the stars advise these zodiac signs to look at everything as a chance for a new beginning and embark on a journey to find their true soul mate. These attempts are meant to help them review their own behavior in intimate relationships and figure out who really matters in their lives.

Zodiac signs with bad luck in love in 2021

Capricorn horoscope 2021

You will find yourself in a difficult and hopeless situation in your relationship. Tensions start building mainly because of money, and you two simply fail to reach a consensus. Unfortunately, you are too confident and too self-absorbed to notice that your partner is slowly turning their attention to other people. It is as if you are destined to make bad decisions in 2021, and in the end you will suffer a great disappointment when your loved one will tell you that the damage can no longer be repaired and that it would be best for you two to go on separate paths.

Pisces horoscope 2021

When you love, you do it with your whole heart, and you are reluctant to acknowledge your partner’s flaws. You are so much in love that you are willing to make superhuman sacrifices to avoid being alone. A troubled mind and an obsession with a loved one will not help you much in maintaining a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, the fact that you offered more than your significant other made them feel that their freedom was restricted. You have many lessons to learn from this unfortunate experience.

Aquarius horoscope 2021

Love is associated with bad luck for you in 2021. You keep approaching the wrong people who do not appreciate you at your true value. You were so eager to find your partner and build a lasting relationship that you got lost in the admiration of a toxic person. Now, unfortunately, you will pay dearly for your choices and you will be abandoned just at the moment when you think things are going great between you two.

Gemini horoscope 2021

You are the main reason why you suffer in love in 2021. Strange as it may sound, the time has come for you to pay off a karmic debt. Perhaps you have betrayed someone in the past or lived a double life. Whatever the situation is, now you will have to go through the same suffering to realize how difficult it is for a person to recover after being abandoned.

Zodiac signs that will be unlucky in love in 2021

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