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Why you should not drink cold water when it is hot outside

According to nutritionists, the body has a thermoregulatory function that may be easily upset when we drink beverages whose temperature is very different from the ambient temperature. It is not advisable to drink cold drinks on hot days, even if you do not feel very hot at the moment.

The same goes for hot drinks as well, as the ideal temperature for a drink is room temperature. The body has a thermoregulatory function that constantly aims to keep body temperature around 37°C.

When it is hot outside, you should not drink neither too hot, neither too cold beverages

Although, as a bad habit enforced by commercials, we are tempted to drink cold liquids in hot weather, the truth is that they do not cool us down. The opposite recommendation, that we should drink hot liquids is not justified either! To be able to cool down, we need to be well hydrated, as it is only through sweating that the body can lose some of its heat. Therefore, fluid intake is very important, and the beverages we drink should be ideally at room temperature.

Why you should not drink cold beverages when it is hot outside

The body has a thermoregulatory function that aims to constantly maintain the body temperature around 37°C. Any food or drink we consume will need to be brought to this temperature, which means an additional thermal expenditure that actually warms up the body. No matter whether we guzzle ice-cold drinks or hot teas and soups, these will all trigger a heat wave, and our body will suffer even more in extremely hot weather.

Sugar increases blood sugar levels and triggers hypoglycemia

In hot weather, it is just as counterproductive to have sweet drinks (fresh or carbonated juices, cocktails) and concentrated alcohol. Sugar increases blood sugar levels and the process may trigger hypoglycemia, that induces a feeling of weakness – therefore, sweet juices are neither refreshing nor tonic. Alcohol is even worse, as it increases dehydration and can cause hypotension with a feeling of malaise.

The perfect choice of liquids to drink in hot weather are plain water or carbonated water flavored with fruit slices (citrus, strawberries) or spices (mint leaves, basil, ginger), fruit or herbal infusions. As for alcohol, white or rosé wine is best, especially if diluted with water or ice cubes. For hydration and remineralization try coffee with cold milk and a little ice, without a drop of sugar, as this combination has a guaranteed tonic and appetite-reducing effect.

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