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The unluckiest zodiac signs in 2023

The astrological context brings a number of challenges in several sectors of life for some zodiac signs. From love and family, to career and finances, the three unlucky zodiacs will have to put in quite a bit of effort to make it through the obstacles.

The following zodiac signs will be the unluckiest in 2023.


For Cancer natives, things might not work out so well in 2023. They may run into obstacles or delays in carrying out their plans. Important sectors of their life will be impacted and they may experience an unusual level of tension in their personal lives.

The astrological context may come with emotional imbalances, which can cause tension in relationships with those around them, and problems in love, especially in the first half of the year. The stars suggest them to spend more time with loved ones for a better mood, according to astrotalk.com.


One of the unluckiest zodiac signs in 2023 will be that of Capricorn. Transits of planets this year can bring obstacles in the professional domain, as well as health problems. Tensions may also arise in relationships with family, especially parents.

Natives of this sign will have to work harder than usual to achieve their goals. They will also need to make an effort to focus on their tasks, and they should ask for help when they need it. Mentally, they will be quite agitated.

The stars are asking them to express themselves in order to release the inner tension that is causing them a lot of harm. At the same time, a change in lifestyle and a more balanced diet is needed.


Aquarius natives will have quite a challenging year. There may be bottlenecks in their professional life, and they may also experience financial difficulties. They won’t have an easy time getting what they want in love either, and singles won’t be quick to find a suitable partner.

The last quarter of the year can bring serious health problems. It is important not to ignore the symptoms and to treat them in time. Older conditions can also flare up again. Aquarius natives who are concerned about their professional life should also avoid overwork. Also, they should be very careful with investments, as they may suffer significant losses.

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