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The many uses of lemon peels in the household

Lemon peels are an ingredient in many fragrant cakes, cookies and countless other tasty desserts. However, they also have other uses and health benefits. Learn why you should never throw out lemon peels.

We all know that citrus fruits have a high vitamin C content, they strengthen the immune system, can be used to treat digestive problems, and are often used in beauty products and treatments. For all these purposes, it is recommended to use not only the juice, but the lemon peels as well.

It is not very common knowledge that lemon peels contain several times more vitamins and beneficial substances than lemon juice. Besides, lemon peels have a strong degreasing effect, and they can be used to remove difficult stains.

In the following, we will present several uses in which lemon peels can be an excellent alternative to cleaning solutions full of hazardous chemicals.

Removing stains from metal utensils

Do you struggle with removing stubborn stains from silverware? Lemon peels will make metal utensils clean and shine like new. All you have to do is place the stained silverware into a large pot, fill the pot halfway with water with a few lemon peels added, and boil up the water. You will find that after you remove the utensils, most of the stains can be removed effortlessly. To remove the most stubborn stains, you may use a stiffer sponge and a few drops of ordinary dish detergent.

Removing oil and fat

In some restaurants, the guests are provided with a bowl of hot water with a piece of lemon peel to clean their fingers. When you eat grilled chicken or other foods with hands, lemon peels are useful to remove fat from fingers and nails.

Lemon peels for whitening

Over time, pure white clothes turn greyish or yellowish. The best and most natural method of bleaching clothes, regardless of the material, is to soak them in hot water in which you have soaked some lemon peels. Keep the clothes in the water for at least half an hour, and then wash them in the washing machine as usual.

Lemon peels as an air freshener

Place several lemon peels in various spots in the kitchen to get rid of the unpleasant smell of onions. To refresh the air, you may also rub lemon peels onto table and counter tops and utensils that you use to cut strong-smelling food, and then wash them as usual. The fridge may also be cleaned and refreshed with lemon peels.

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