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How to keep poinsettia alive until Christmas

The wonderful red flowers of the poinsettia will stay colorful for months.

Poinsettia appreciates proper care and can stay healthy for many months, brightening up any part of a home with its bright green and red foliage.

The experts at Stars for Europe (SfE) know how to keep poinsettia bright and help it to survive cold periods. With a little help, these plants can be in great shape for a long time!

When purchasing

Wild poinsettia comes from Mexico; in the tropical climate of the Central American country, the plant can grow to a meter-high bush. However, its need for light and warmth makes poinsettia a bit tricky to care for a houseplant: dark and cold are particularly harmful to it.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a plant with the aim to have it a permanent decoration, it is important to pay attention to several aspects.

The healthiest plants can usually be recognized by their dense and undamaged foliage and yellow-green flowers budding in the middle of their leaves, while the soil is neither too dry nor too wet. It is important not to buy a plant sprayed with glitter, as this is not good for the flower either.

Protection is important

After purchase, it is advisable to wrap the poinsettia carefully and take it home as soon as possible, especially in cold weather.

The more layers of paper you wrap your new plant in, the better it will be protected against drafts and cold, so it will have more chances for healthy development and a long life.

At temperatures below zero, it is also recommended to wrap the pot because the poinsettia has rather sensitive roots.

Acclimatizing to the new environment

In order for the newly bought plant to tolerate the transition from cold to warm weather, it is best not to move it immediately to a warm room. You can acclimatize in a cooler, brighter room, such as the kitchen or conservatory, and after a few hours you can move it to its final location.

Choosing the right place

The perfect place is bright, warm and protected from drafts and large temperature fluctuations. For example, it is not a good idea to place your poinsettia next to the front door, but you can safely place it next to a well-insulated window.

The tile tray on the windowsill protects the plant from the cold, but you should also pay attention to the fact that poinsettia likes warmth, but not too much heat: the ideal temperature for it is 15-22 °C.

Placing it next to a radiator or stove is therefore also not ideal, because the poinsettia will drop its leaves in too much heat. It should also be noted that the warmer the room is, the more water the plant needs.

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