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5 tricks for fast hair growth

Wondering what you can do to enjoy rich hair? Well, there are several tricks for fast hair growth that you can easily put into practice.

1. Hairstyles that protect your hair

First and foremost, you need to protect your hair to make sure it grows fast. Choose to wear “protective” hairstyles such as braided pigtails or curls done without heat. Avoid putting pressure on your scalp with ponytail styling or tight ponytails.

At the same time, in the evening you can protect your hair with a scarf that you can put on before bed.

2. Massage your scalp with oils

A massage with hair oil is not only relaxing, it really stimulates hair growth. Using oils such as coconut, argan or castor can help your hair grow longer. You can apply the oil of your choice once every two weeks to the hair roots, massaging it into the scalp.

Do the massage for 20 minutes while holding your head upside down to stimulate good blood circulation.

3. Trim your hair to maintain length

This is one of those fast hair growth tricks that most people don’t take seriously enough. The idea that trimming the ends regularly stimulates hair growth is a myth. However, it does contribute in an indirect way to how quickly their length changes.

Even if it doesn’t stimulate growth per se, you need to understand that split ends and dry ends lead to hair breakage, so it will lose its current length over time. That’s why the ends need to be trimmed at regular intervals to keep the hair healthy.

4. Avoid coloring and bleaching your hair

As mentioned before, dehydrated hair and split ends will lead to loss of length. Dye and bleach are two products that contribute to hair damage when used in excess, especially in at-home treatments.

If you want long, healthy hair, try not to dye it yourself so often, and when you do choose to go to a salon.

5. Stop subjecting your hair to excessive heat

Giving up using heat on your hair altogether is a very hard thing to do. But you can try to avoid hairstyles that involve using a flat iron or curling iron. Stick to the blow dryer you use after you wash your hair.

One very important thing to remember is to always use heat protection when you subject your hair to heat.

Of course, growth is not only stimulated by external hair care. Nutrition also contributes when it comes to its health and length. That’s why you need to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

Now that you know these tricks for fast hair growth, apply them yourself and see which ones work best for you.

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