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The lucky numbers of each zodiac sign

Every human being was born under an astral sign, and as a result is endowed with certain traits that will be typical to them all their life.

Those who believe in astrology will be happy to know what their lucky numbers are, and whether they can rely on these numbers when buying lottery tickets or playing in the casino. Find out your lucky numbers based on your zodiac sign.


A recent study showed that the lucky numbers of persons born in the sign of the Aries are 22, 45 and 10. Try out these numbers with confidence, be perseverant, and see where your luck takes you. Nevertheless, Aries will always know that regardless of numerology, they are the creators of their own fortune, through a lot of work and perseverance.


Stubborn and attentive to details, a Taurus has an uncanny power of intuition. Their luck can be based on numbers 9, 69 and 55 or, the sum of the digits of them. A Taurus can use these numbers with confidence if they want to try their luck betting on the 9th of the of the month or on certain numbers at bingo, lotto or roulette.


Known for their dual character, Gemini manage to attract attention wherever they are. When it comes to numbers and lucky days to rely on, they can count on 5, 8 and 91.


Always in love and full of life, Cancer is a versatile and impulsive water sign. Cancer natives can rely on their lucky numbers 2, 3 and 19.


Leo are fiery characters, known for their ambition. They can always rely on the numbers 9, 14 and 63.


Naturally friendly and balanced, the Virgo was born under a lucky star. The most common lucky numbers for Virgos are 47, 93 and 3.


This zodiac sign can try to play all numbers that add up to 7, a number with a mystical value. that will always bring you luck if you are a Libra.


Hyperactive and lucky, Scorpio should try the numbers 4, 11, and 51 in casinos or when playing the lottery. They can also test their luck with numbers that add up to 9.


Always confident and strong, a Sagittarius can rely on the number 6 or numbers that add up to 6. Their other lucky numbers are 10, 22 and 40.


The lucky number of a Capricorn is 13. We also recommend trying the numbers 1, 7 and 94 when playing casino or lotto games.


This sign is represented by balance, mysticism and an immeasurable need for freedom. As about lucky numbers, 2, 3 and 4 should be tried first.


Astrologers advise Pisces to base their luck on the number 8, or on 33, 17 and 19. Pisces may also count on their amazing intuition.

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