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The love of a grandparent cannot be replaced – every child needs a grandparent

Grandparents are a stable point in a child’s life. They are experienced, patient and want to give everything to their beloved grandchildren.

Not everyone wants to accept this fact; it is true that many people have parents who live too far away to meet with their grandchildren regularly, but there are also those whose parents live two streets away, but only meet the family on holidays to avoid children making a mess in the house.

Some grandparents let their grandchildren draw on the wall, others don’t even invite them for lunch. There are also grandparents who are very busy or live in the countryside and are rarely able to spend time with the grandchildren. This may be very painful for the parents if they consider that their children won’t enjoy the good things that grandparents can give them.

Grandmothers make the best rice pudding and invent the best games, even if they can’t always keep up with their grandchildren. Grandmothers are a sure point in their grandchildren’s lives, the makers of the best pancakes and bringing holiday cheer. They know the name of every plant; they can predict when it’s going to rain and when the sun will shine.

Grandmothers don’t operate by rules, but by love.

They can be convinced to make bread and butter with honey even in the middle of the night, and they sit grandchildren on their laps, no matter how big they are.

Grandparents are real treasures who make childhood beautiful.

We know that in many cases grandparents do not always take care that their children eat healthily, sometimes giving them too many sweets. They do this because they want to make their grandchildren happy.

Many, on the other hand, would learn how to make the best rice pudding, postponing all their work just to make their grandchildren feel good. Grandparents are not perfect, but they are perfectly capable of loving, and love can do no harm to a developing human being.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a good relationship with their grandparents. Your problem with your mother-in-law doesn’t give you the right to forbid your child from being with her grandparents. All children need the love of their grandparents!

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