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The health benefits of lentils: Why you should eat lentils

Due to their rich content of nutrients, proteins and vitamins, lentils are very healthy and contribute greatly to a balanced diet.

A cup of lentils contains relatively few calories. According to experts from Naturalfoodseries.com, a bowl of cooked lentils contains 250-300 calories and 23-25 g carbohydrates, 4-9 g fiber, 12 g protein, 90% of the daily recommended folic acid, 56% of copper, 51% of phosphorus, 49% of manganese, 37% of iron, 23% of zinc, 21% of vitamin B6 and 21% of potassium.

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Lentils also help reduce cholesterol level due to their high fiber content. Once blood cholesterol has been lowered, the risk of heart disease will also be much reduced. Besides, folic acid in lentils lowers the level of homocysteine, and magnesium improves blood circulation.

Less sugar in the blood

Thanks to their fiber content, lentils help maintain a low blood sugar level. Soluble fiber captures carbohydrates, slows down digestion, and lowers sugar levels. Therefore, lentils are very beneficial for persons suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar.

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A good source of energy 

Lentils increase energy and calorie burning due to their fiber and carbohydrate content. Besides, their high iron content is important for the transmission of oxygen, energy production and an optimal metabolism. Those who want to lose weight should include lentils into their diet to benefit from important minerals, vitamins B and proteins.

Lentils are an important source of vegetable proteins, especially for vegetarians.

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