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Indoor plant that keeps mosquitoes away. They will never bother you again

Plants have the role of beautifying our apartments, houses and yards, some also having extraordinary benefits. Which is the indoor plant that keeps mosquitoes away?

Plants can make our homes much more beautiful with minimal investment. But some of these, apart from the smokiness they provide, also have some incredible benefits.

Thus, a certain plant can save us from the serious problem of mosquitoes. We are not talking about certain plants with a strong smell, but about plants that simply eat mosquitoes.

Indoor plant that keeps mosquitoes away. They will never bother you again
Venus flytrap – Image: Freepik

The carnivorous plants that get rid of mosquitoes

Carnivorous plants, especially two particular species, Venus flytrap and Darlingtonia californica are great at catching mosquitoes.

Growing and caring for carnivorous plants is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, once purchased, they only need to be watered, as they should never dry out.

The Venus flytrap has a toothed mouth

Venus flytrap is the most classic of carnivorous plants. With its toothy leaves, it will catch not only flies but also other small insects such as mosquitoes.

In the wild, the plant uses these jagged leaves to trap insects that they need to provide nutrients essential for their survival.

As for watering, Venus flytrap needs a lot of water, but be careful to avoid over-watering. The plant should be placed in a bright place or on a balcony protected from direct sunlight.

Darlingtonia californica – Image: Wikipedia

Darlingtonia prefers lower temperatures

Darlingtonia is a plant that, compared to the Venus flytrap, does not particularly like high temperatures.

It is best to keep it in a place with a maximum temperature of 20 or 25 degrees Celsius. Watering is necessary at least once a week, but it should be intensified during the summer.

Darlingtonia must have a moist substrate at all times

The soil of Darlingtonia must always remain moist. This plant, which can get rid of mosquitoes should never be watered with tap water. Instead, you should use rainwater or distilled water.

This plant, like the Venus flytrap, is a very good solution against mosquitoes, as it feeds on them. One or two plants will be enough to prevent your home from being pestered by unpleasant mosquitoes.

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