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The 5 most common mistakes you make when washing your hair

It only takes a few missteps for your hair’s beauty to vanish.

What can be so complicated when you wash your hair? It seems like an everyday, trivial routine, but in fact it’s not. Little deviations from the golden rules make your hair suffer. Little by little, it loses its shine, becomes brittle and breaks. It only takes a few missteps for your hair’s beauty to fade. And afterwards it will take a long period of treatments, maybe even a new haircut, for it to regain its suppleness, shine and health.

A fresh start

If you don’t realize what the mistake was, the vicious circle will continue. And since there’s always room for improvement, once you know what you’re doing wrong, it’s easier to do things right and improve the quality of your hair. We spoke to Madalina Nitu, Wella Professionals stylist, and found out what the most common mistakes are when washing our hair and how to correct them.

Too much shampoo

We’re tempted to use too much shampoo and this leads to dehydrated hair. “This often happens because the hair is not fully moisturized, making it difficult to spread the shampoo on the hair. To allow the shampoo to emulsify, the hair needs to be thoroughly wet beforehand. You will see that a small amount of product will be enough to make a consistent lather that will clean the hair perfectly”, says Madalina Nitu.

Washing too sparingly or too often

The age-old question, how often should you wash your hair? Madalina Nitu says that washing too infrequently can lead to scalp burden, irritation and itching, while frequent washing can dry out the scalp, stimulating more sebum production to compensate for dryness. “No, there is no one rule in this regard, hair washing depends on many factors, hair texture, lifestyle, environmental conditions. Those with normal or dry hair can wash it 1-2 times a week, while those with oily hair can do it 2-3 times, but my advice is to avoid daily washing,” says the stylist.

3. You use the same shampoo

Although it’s a myth that your hair gets used to the same shampoo over time and it’s no longer effective, your hair still needs a change from time to time. The explanation is that the needs of hair change every season or if it is colored or too often styled. “A smoothing shampoo is great in summer, but in winter a volumizing shampoo will be more suitable. A purifying shampoo is good in summer or when doing sports, but if hair is colored more often, then a moisturizing or color-holding shampoo will be a better choice,” says the stylist.

4. Rinse hair with warm water

Specialists warn that too hot water dries out both hair and scalp. Colder water, on the other hand, helps seal the cuticle and brings shine and holds color longer. Use warmer water for washing and cooler water for rinsing.

5. Rub your scalp with your nails

Scrubbing your scalp with your nails can cause hair breakage and scratches on the scalp. “The right thing to do is to use your fingertips, not your nails. The scalp, and inevitably the hair, should be massaged with the fingertips in circular motions, using gentle pressure. Gently washed, the hair will remain perfectly clean and healthy”, says Madalina Nitu.

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