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Do mushrooms need to be peeled before cooking or is it enough to wash them? 4 things about preparing mushrooms many people are unsure about

Some people peel the mushrooms, others just wash them. Who is right?

When processing mushrooms and preparing food, there are many questions: some people peel them, others say that by peeling they will lose the valuable flavor and that it is enough to wash them thoroughly.

Mushrooms are packed with valuable nutrients including vitamin D, calcium, potassium, copper, B vitamins and selenium, and are therefore a staple food in a healthy, conscious diet. Research has shown that the vitamin D content can be further increased by placing hats in a sunny place before processing.

Peeling and washing the mushrooms

However, the way mushrooms are processed often depends on habits and beliefs: some people find it inconceivable not to peel mushrooms, others simply wash it thoroughly, perhaps rubbing its surface, and use it in cooking.

You don’t have to peel the mushrooms

Cultivated mushrooms do not really need to be peeled, as the skin is edible and grows in a clean environment; any surface contamination can be easily removed with water, and peeling is a time-consuming process in food preparation.

According to a BBC article, most professional chefs are of the same opinion: they add the mushrooms to their dishes with the skin on, after chopping, not only to speed up the process but also to preserve the flavor.

Wash the mushrooms!

Don’t forget to wash mushrooms before cooking! If, after rinsing, spots remain on the skins, they can be removed by rubbing or by cutting off the blemished part. During washing, some types of mushrooms can absorb a lot of water, so you should proceed with care when cooking them.

Mushroom stalks should not be thrown away either

Many people throw mushroom stalks in the trash; this is, however, is a huge waste, as the stalks are edible, delicious and contain a huge amount of nutrients. The stalks of small mushrooms are unnecessary to separate from the hat, while the stalks of larger ones can be separated and chopped into the dish after the lowest, driest, usually dirt-covered part is removed. Some types of mushrooms have a slightly harder stalk; these may also be added to the dish, and the cooking time should be a little longer.

Mushrooms can also be eaten raw

Although cultivated raw mushrooms from a safe source are edible, they are recommended to be eaten in small quantities, as the spongy texture can detract from the gastronomic experience. Raw mushrooms are not recommended for persons with sensitive stomachs, as they may cause digestive problems.

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