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A mother gave birth to identical quadruplets – only 72 such cases are known worldwide

In March 2020, Jenny Marr from Texas had an incredible miracle. The 36-year-old mother gave birth to identical quadruplets, one of only 72 cases known worldwide. The probability of identical quadruplets being born is about 1 in 11 million, or 1 in 15 million according to other statistics.

In November 2019, Jenny’s gynecologist told her during an ultrasound scan that she was going to have triplets. Two weeks later, at her next scan, she found out that she was actually carrying four fetuses, not three.

“So I won’t dare come to another maternity check-up after 2 weeks, maybe next time they’ll become 5 babies!” Jenny joked at the time.

The pregnancy went smoothly and the 4 boys, Harrison (1.77 kg), Hardy (1.19 kg), Henry (1.97 kg) and Hudson (0.878 kg), were born healthy. The babies remained in hospital for 10 weeks after birth for further observation.

Raising 4 babies is quite a difficult and time-consuming task. The parents said they spend $300 a week on food and change the 4 babies’ diapers six times a day. Jenny also admitted that there are times when she mixes them up herself. Her days are completely taken up with feeding, changing and putting the boys to sleep.

The quadruplets are now over a year old, all of them beautiful, happy and healthy toddlers who love to play together. Just looking at them can relieve all the stress and worrying.

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